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Chris Candy's new movie "Bar America"
November 25th, 2015
John Candy's son, Chris Candy, stars in a new movie called "Bar America"!

"Bar America is the story of two best friends - Hank and Charlie - who face losing each other and the show that has made them hometown celebrities when a conniving duo sees a way to strike it rich by destroying everything these two buddies have built."

More information about the movie and how you can see it, can be found at baramericamovie.com.
It's great for John Candy fans to see his son in movies too! I'm sure John would be very proud and happy with Chris' choice of career. Good luck with the movie Chris and all the movies you do in the future!
New John Candy biography: "Searching for Candy"
March 16th, 2015
A message from author Tracey Morgan:
"I have been writing a biography about John for the last four years, and have interviewed over sixty people for the book including Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Howard Deutch, Dave Thomas, Valri Bromfield, Mariel Hemmingway and many close colleagues and old friends. I have been told by the UK publishing industry that John's life is not scandalous enough, so I am presently crowdfunding to self publish www.igg.me/at/johncandy.

Please follow my blog at SearchingForCandy.com and spread the word. Many thanks to JohnCandy.com who have been an invaluable resource. As a huge Candy fan, John is everything I wanted him to be and more."
A nice message sent to us on 10th August, 2010 from a friend of John Candy:

"My name is Ken Tipton and John was my mentor who helped me earn my Screen Actors Guild card. So far I have helped 8 other actors earn their SAG cards. I was also the body double that finished scenes for John in Wagon's East.


I worked a Fox show yesterday called The League. The little girl on the show is Dave Foley's daughter. Dave and his wife were on set and played extras in a scene. During a break, Dave and I talked about John and he said he ran into Jennifer Candy working on the new show called Hot in Cleveland. I'm not sure if she was acting or working production. Regardless, we have a big budget movie in development based on the Red Hat Society at www.RiverCityEnt.com.

Now that I know Christopher and Jennifer are paying their dues as actors, we'll make sure to find a good role for them, if they are interested.

Thanks for building this site. John was a very good person."
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