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A photograph authographed by the great man himself.
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maureen and family from australia Fri, 22 Jan '10
John Candy is a very beautiful person,his passing is very sad and you all must miss him every day,so sad.
Tyler Reeves Tue, 19 Jan '10
Wow what a great actor, i'm watching "Nothing But Trouble" as i'm writing this, i was 4 years and 3 days old when he passed away and i really wish the great big actors like John and Chris Farley were still alive, the big guys always seem like the funniest actors, maybe i think that cuz i'm a big funny guy myself and they are inspirations to me. well john we miss ya and i really wish i had the chance to meet you and get an autograph myself. RIP,
Sincerely Tyler Reeves, Wilson, KS
arsenal Fri, 15 Jan '10
what a great man j c was and still is we miss him and that cheeky smile he stillmakes me laugh
Michael Doral Reynolds Wed, 6 May '09
Best wishes to you too John, we all really miss you, that's for sure!
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