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"This is a photo I took of John at Niagara Falls, Ontario, in March of 1969. I accompanied John to Buffalo, New York where he attempted to join the U.S. Marines. I went along to try and dissuade him. At that time, he felt his life was going nowhere and he believed that by joining the marines he would be trimmed down and perhaps, get something going in his life. Fortunately, John was rejected because of a knee injury he had sustained playing football. Had he been accepted, we may never have seen him on the silver screen, nor have experienced the joy he continues to bring into people's lives every day. "

Photo contributed by: Jonathan O'Mara
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Lucinda HasterlikWed, 6 Mar '13
That is so true It was meant to be I ust wish you could still be around to entertain us He was wonderful!
RoccoSun, 16 Dec '12
John and his pack of " Marlboros " !
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