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A report on John Candy's death, which includes footage of Catherine O'Hara speaking at John Candy's funeral.

Contributed by: videoguy326
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Adam JonesFri, 5 Oct '18
Couldnt stand John Candy
JihnTue, 7 Aug '18
Simon from EnglandSat, 24 Dec '16
We shouldn't of lost this man so early. Without doubt, was stolen from us all far, far too soon :-( A brilliant actor, one of the worlds best. Will NEVER, EVER forget john. Couldn't believe it when i heard the news. Was properly angry. Being robbed of a MASTER actor. My mum was also upset!!!!!!!!!!! !!
GabyTue, 24 Feb '15
Great guy
melbyTue, 12 Aug '14
Do you have the part where she talks about the traffic jam, where one annoyed driver asks what's holding him up? He's told it's John Candy's funeral, he gets a sad smile on his face and no longer complains about the wait.
She tells it much better than I.
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