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The original theatre trailer for Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Includes snippets of scenes that aren't in the release of the actual film! Come on Paramount Pictures release an extended version of the film which includes these scenes!
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PJSat, 23 Jul '11
Nice movie
David FWed, 4 May '11
Excellent. I second that call for another version of the film with extras/ bonus material- of any sort. John's finest performance?
Frank Strong WolfWed, 8 Dec '10
John was so funny. You could be in the worst mood in the world and he would snap you out of it in 5 minutes.
JohnTue, 30 Nov '10
I've been in direct contact with the apparent secretary of the president of Paramount pictures. I was informed that the negatives of the snippets discussed on this website, no longer exists. We're S.O.L. to ever see these scenes in DVD format. :(
Colin JewellFri, 16 Apr '10
Once again John pulls out all the stops in this hilarious comedy. The whole film is great, but the one bit that sticks in my mind is at the end when the picture freezes on John. Wish you were here still making us laugh John, you were an absolute credit to the movie industry and to your family, RIP always :) cj.
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