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John Candy plays a male secretary in this sketch entitled "The Millionaire".
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Tony BambaTue, 23 Jan '18
hilarious great
Nyuk Nyuk NyukThu, 16 Jun '16
Watching this hilarious SCTV sketch makes me not only miss John Candy (R.I.P.) all the other talented comedians on this show. They don't make comedy like this anymore......Tha nks for posting.
Mr MamboMon, 20 Jan '14
First of all, I am old enough to remember the actual TV show "The Millionaire". One of the great things about JC and SCTV was their attention to detail, and this five minute take on the old show from the '50's is dead-on accurate. John has the voice and manner down pat. Then we have the great Joe Flaherty as John Beresford Tipton, which WAS the actual name of the guy handing out the money on the old TV show. There will never be another show as consistently funny as SCTV.

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