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Part 3 of E! True Hollywood Story - John Candy
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BelindaFri, 21 Sep '12
Yeah I agree the last part of this one. Made me cry too.

Though I was born in the late 80's. An not til years later I knew about him. That I started to know about who he was and started to very much fall in love with his big handsome self. Sighs .... I wish God didn't take one of the most greatest actors of our time away. But he'll forever live in all of our hearts and one day we will meet the great nice big guy one day up in heaven. An I can't wait til the day comes.

He was a truly an amazing person inside and out and not for just being an actor either.

Love Love Love all the way for you JFC. I miss you and hope one day in heaven I'll get to finally meet you. Cause even though I know you was in pain alot but didn't show it but people knew. Your still one heck of a nice guy with a kind sweet, heart that we all know and love.

And even though I know you may not like Halloween to be your Birthday. Happy 63rd Birthday anyways early Buddy. Love and miss you.
IrishTue, 31 Jan '12
I don't know who you wrote this for but you hepeld a brother out.
AdelaideSun, 29 Jan '12
Keep on witnrig and chugging away!
ValerianaSat, 16 Jul '11
He was a wonderful and down to earth individual, and it shown through his acting.
gregWed, 27 Apr '11
i hope my computer can show this
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