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On a visit to the U.S. we made sure we paid our respects to the great man John Candy. This is the video we took while there. We hope it gives a good idea of what Holy Cross Cemetery and Mortuary is like and where John Candy's resting place is in the grounds.
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PAOLAFri, 12 Sep '14
I grew up watching John Candy movies (Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck & Planes, trains and automobiles). I still watch them now on cable. John Candy will always be with us in our hearts and the best thing is we can always watch him and his movies. He always cheers me up with his movies.
Michaela & Günter ( from Germany )Wed, 20 Aug '14
Wir sind beide 45 Jahre alt seit mehr als 20 Jahren große John Candy Fans. Wir lieben diesen Schauspieler und seine Filme sehr.
Wir sind sehr gerührt über dieses Video von John Candy's letzter Ruhestätte und auch nach so langer Zeit sind wir stets betrübt über die Tatsache, daß John bereits vor so vielen Jahren schon sterben musste.
John Candy - we love you !!!
Beste Grüße aus Deutschland
Mich aela & Günter
Kim VTue, 4 Mar '14
Thank you for posting this. I visited John's crypt back in 1999 or 2000. Happy Birthday and RIP John. Gone but never forgotten.
Tony VSat, 1 Mar '14
As we approach your 20th anniversary of your passing. From all Neilers...We miss you
Werner Knipping Sun, 2 Feb '14
John is a great lost for all of us!!
Greats from Holland
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