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CTV's Canada AM talks to John Candy's son and daughter, Christopher Candy and Jennifer Candy, as well as his long time friend Dan Aykroyd about honouring John Candy at the CFL awards dinner.

Recorded on 22nd November 2007.
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StevenThu, 14 Aug '14
Miss John
JulieThu, 2 Jan '14
Loved his warm and lovely nature and he was so funny-my fave is Planes,Trains I just watched it again yesterday for the millionth time I love it-he never fails to make me laugh-he is so missed
Sue Clark-Wittenberg Fri, 20 Dec '13
John is my favorite male comedian. His comedy will live on forever!
G.T.Thu, 29 Aug '13
I've seen Jennifer's work here and there. Christopher seems like a really great guy here, but I unfortunately haven't noticed him out there, but Jennifer really stands out, has that drive of her Dad...her work albeit more in the background than her father is fantastic! She has a lot of talent, seems really cool, and I wish her all the best! :)
Richard FojtikSun, 25 Aug '13
Love you John, you were my favorite actor on the planet, not only that but your huge heart was evident in everything you did. love you am miss ya.
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