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Nancy Reese (Alley Mills - Mrs Arnold from The Wonder Years!) tries to play John Bourgignon's (John Candy) drums. John then heads off to a drumming gig where he ends up fighting off the women...
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hiram abiffMon, 28 Jan '13
i know the song john candy jams to, bye bye, my love! its an old 70's disco track unpublished on imdb, or wiki
TikeSun, 29 Jan '12
Insights like this liven tihngs up around here.
John's girlTue, 17 May '11
I think I don't know about the song he was listening to on his headphones.
John's girl Tue, 17 May '11
I think it's call My Love or It's my Love or something love I think.
John's girl Tue, 17 May '11
John's has a good singing voice. He is really singing about me, just kidding I wish!
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