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Doug Carmichael Fri, 22 Apr '16
Thank's John :-)
God! You could make the million's laugh.
Weston, Toronto

John Z Sun, 17 Apr '16
I grew up watching all his movies. He was a awesome actor and brought everything to everything he did. John Candy will be missed. I really hope that the Lord above appreciates having a great and funny man up in heaven.

Shane Wed, 13 Apr '16
John has been on my TV since I was a little baby, he was as fat as he was funny, he played Divine once on tv as peper pan and I almost died from laughing, god bless you Mr.candy, your a real (sweet) guy! RIP

Paul C Cornwall UK Sun, 10 Apr '16
Well just watched planes trains and automobiles for about the 20th time and laughed so hard john your so missed buddy such a great actor who could make anyone laugh so glad this site is still going a true legend miss your films dude sleep tight :-)

Patty Sat, 9 Apr '16
Truly one of a kind. John made us feel like we all sort of knew him. Humble, happy, but mostly human. So down to earth. Thank you John. I only wish I'd met you in person.

Heather Wilds Tue, 5 Apr '16
My favorite comedian!!!!! Watched all his movies as a tribute to him when he died....miss him

Royce Sun, 3 Apr '16
Every time I see one of Johns movies I realize what a talented and good man we have lost. Always in our hearts

Jason A Smith Wed, 30 Mar '16
John was and still is my favorite actor. He was a natural at comedy and could make you laugh with just a facial jesture like the late John Ritter. All the good ones brighten our life's and leave to soon. Chris Farley was in my top 5 that reminded me a little like John. I'm grateful for his legacy with son Chris. I hope you do well and make your on mark in the business. Good luck

Kathleen Wed, 30 Mar '16
I was just watching Planes, trains and automobiles and started reading about John Candy. I grew up watching him on screen and he remains today my favorite comedic actor. It sounds silly but the roles he played always reminded me of my own father, and I always appreciated how he could make you care so much about the character he played. He came across as loving and kind, and I like to think that those roles were reflective of the person he really was. Mr. Candy, you sir are a legend.

Tim MacDonald Thu, 17 Mar '16
Such a hillarious man. Every time I felt misunderstood as a teen planes trains and automobiles lifted me out of it. A true Canadian trailblazer and a person who will be remembered for all time. Condolences to his friends and family, and if he's reading this just know that you were spot on and will be missed.

John's girl Thu, 10 Mar '16
I am so thankful that my parents intruded me to him by letting me watch one of his movies. He became a big role in my life and still is. I love you so much candy man!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Racquel Martinez Mon, 7 Mar '16
I grew up watching his movies and wish he was still alive. He was a funny, timeless, amazing actor. He reminds me of my dad in the Great Outdoors. Loveable and clumsy!

Chris Candy Mon, 7 Mar '16
I have loved John's movies for a long time.... from spaceballs to the great out doors. he will always be a part of my entertainment ! I miss him.

Justin Sun, 6 Mar '16
U grew up watching his films and loving all of them. He was a wonderful funny actor, I loved him in Cool Running and Uncle Buck. Them movies were not just amazing but very brilliant. Thank you John Candy for bringing such wondeful entertainment to me and my family. The Great outdoors was also a very favorite for me as well...

Dario from Italy Fri, 4 Mar '16
Hello big man, now 22 years have passed since your smile is off. I grew up with movies, funny and hilarious as few, a hug big man. ..
Dario from Italy

Charles Thu, 3 Mar '16
One of my favorite actors. Thanks John for the great entertainment!

Steve Blakely Wed, 2 Mar '16
I miss John! He was truly one of comedy's Masters!

Tina Speas Tue, 1 Mar '16
Dearest John, you are loved and missed!! Thank You for the all the laughs, smiles and words of wisdom!!

Eme sanchez Wed, 24 Feb '16
So I was reading this list of comedians gone too soon, and I was surprised to see John Candy on it. I saw uncle buck and part of Planes and automobiles... So sad to learn of it. Was reading up and found this site. May he rest in peace.

Philip Tue, 23 Feb '16
To this day still my all time favorite actor. Made me laugh so much. Thanks John.

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