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Jeffery Champion Thu, 16 Jun '16
John Candy is one of the greatest funny men that ever lived. He's left us with some wonderful memories. Thanks John! RIP!!!

Kelly C Fri, 10 Jun '16
I miss John Candy so much. I, too, felt like I'd lost a friend, although I didn't know him. I just got done watching "Only the Lonely"... wow. And "The Great Outdoors" and "Summer Rental" and "Stripes" and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles"... on and on, my favorite movies. Fantastic comedian with this great warmth that came through on the screen. Just as great with dramatic roles. He was one-of-a-kind and truly missed. Thank you so much for your talents, Mr. Candy. God keep you and your family, always.

Raphael Thu, 9 Jun '16
Every time I see him in movies I feel warm and fuzzy inside

Dana Kivell Thu, 9 Jun '16
Once you get his slow humor you realize how great he is. Good canadian humor. watching The Great Outdoors as we speak. Wherever you are John...cheers to ya

Leslie Thu, 9 Jun '16
I am watching Uncle Buck right now and it made me realize what an enormous talent this world has been without! I always LOVED him! May his memory be eternal!

C. Blohm Sun, 5 Jun '16
When he died, I felt like I lost a friend. He seemed to be so down to earth, and his sense of comedy was great.

Karen Thu, 2 Jun '16
Absolutely loved him. Watching Stripes with my son. Ageless humor

Michael Mon, 30 May '16
I just finished watching Uncle Buck with the kids 10,8,4 and they laughed through the entire thing.

I remember when I was in high school the principle over the PA halted the entire school to tell us the news. It was a huge deal on his passing.

Thank you for your movies John.

Chuck Mon, 23 May '16
I know this is for those that can log on and read this, I SO SO MUCH ENJOYED YOU and your HUMOR and ACTING TALENT, From Second City TV first (I think it was called) anyway we loved you in the way fans do you are MISSED BY EVERYONE who Ever Heard, Saw, Or enjoyed your live shows. Uncle Buck, Vaction, and MANY MORE

Ewart Boden Sat, 21 May '16
The fact that I am watching John in Uncle Buck on TV re-run right now shows the films he stared in will last forever. A true great.

Michael Isenberg Mon, 16 May '16
An honest talent who makes everyone smile.
J . C .

Canadian hero
Thank you for all that You accomplished in film and more.

Much Love and Respect!

Dennis Sun, 15 May '16
Great actor, and a great man. I remember watching him in the Blues Brothers as a kid. God bless you, and thank you Mr.Candy.

Jim Lyttle Fri, 13 May '16
I am a humor scholar and huge fan of John's ability to portray pathos as deeply as absurdity.

Richard Daley Sun, 8 May '16
Richard Daley, I gotta say, not many comedians have what it takes to kick my funny bone into high gear like John Candy . He's up there with Steve Martin and Chevy Chase, all SNL people.

Cheryl Thu, 5 May '16
John, you broght many tears of laughter including for my kids who grew up in the 80s and 90s ... now we're retired and sitting here tonight watching Uncle Buck. Love you and miss you, John ... you were truly the best in your field. Thank you and rest in peace.

Quinny Thu, 5 May '16
I first saw John on SCTV, and have admired him ever since. He was a great actor, and a funny man. His legacy will live on in film, and TV forever.

Patrick Mon, 2 May '16
John Candy brought great joy to my life thru the roles he played in his career. Few on this earth bring joy to so many. His family should be forever proud that John touched so many lives. God Bless him.

Steve C Sun, 1 May '16
Gone way to soon. John was a legend and his legacy will always live on.

Doug Carmichael Fri, 22 Apr '16
Thank's John :-)
God! You could make the million's laugh.
Weston, Toronto

John Z Sun, 17 Apr '16
I grew up watching all his movies. He was a awesome actor and brought everything to everything he did. John Candy will be missed. I really hope that the Lord above appreciates having a great and funny man up in heaven.

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