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kenny rea Thu, 31 Jul '08
What a great comedic actor, such a great shame he died so young, his films will last on forever as he is truly one in a billion!

Sabrina Thu, 31 Jul '08
My daughters loves his movie Cool Runnings. I just watched Summer Rental. We all miss you on the screen John. RIP John. Keep em laughing up there.

Stephen Hardy Wed, 30 Jul '08
John Candy was the funniest man on the planet,there will never be another like him,RIP John. Keep up the great work on the site

Tom T Sun, 27 Jul '08
Glad to know that there are people out there who loved his work as much as I do

kim Sun, 27 Jul '08
I'm sitting here watching Uncle Buck, I love this movie. I could watch it a hundred times over.. He was a great actor.

Mel Fri, 25 Jul '08
LOVE watching Uncle Buck and Summer Rental....can anything be more funnier????

Erik the young Swedish John Candy fan Wed, 23 Jul '08
I just wanna say that I think John was a great actor and it's a shame that he died so young.

I love the scene in Armed and Dangerous when John flats the tire of the monstertruck owned by the ''cool'' teenagers.

John will never be forgotten and that will we, his fans make sure of.

Jamey R Wed, 23 Jul '08
When I watch John's movies, I find it so hard and emotional because he's not here. There is no other actor that can make me laugh harder then John. I miss you buddy. I know your in heaven making God laugh.

gemma and ben Sun, 20 Jul '08
john, we miss u. i cry sometimes wen i know your gone, there will never be another funny film. no one can replace you. we love you. FEEL THE RHYTHM FEEL THE RIDE!!!

William Nordstrom Sun, 20 Jul '08
I still tear up sometimes while watching planes train and automobiles thinking about how you're gone now. You remind me of my dad who passed away four years ago so when I see you in a movie it makes me think of him which makes me happy. Even though you were taken from us too young, I am glad that you were taken in your sleep and felt no pain. You will continue to be missed.

Robert Night Fri, 18 Jul '08
My kids and I always enjoy your movies....You are gone but not forgotten.
R.I.P. John Candy.

april Wed, 16 Jul '08
I personally just want to say i thought he was awsome he looked and acted like my father we had the same vactions and adventures like his movies our whole family loved him to pieces we all miss him more

Derek Tue, 15 Jul '08
Miss the big man very much. He was a credit to our great country and always made Canada proud. RIP.

Hempy Mon, 14 Jul '08
Long live the larger than life JC!! Growing up in the 80's in Australia was a treat for his comedy. Faves of mine such as Uncle Buck, Who's Harry Crumb and Great Outdoors still get regular play in our home.
Deeply missed and warmly remembered - keep up the great work guys.

harkan Fri, 11 Jul '08
you was a great man we all miss you rest in peace big man.....

Richard (Yorkshire, England) Wed, 9 Jul '08
John Candy: LEGEND

The Thomas family (England) Tue, 8 Jul '08
John Candy is one of our big screen heroes. We love him in Planes Trains & automobiles, The great outdoors, and our kid's favourite 'Summer rental'. He may not be on this earth anymore but what he's left behind will live forever... RIP JC.

Jeff, Matt, Laura, Cody, Kika, and Coco Wed, 2 Jul '08
We are watching The Great Outdoors... My childhood wouldn't be the same without John Candy.

william Sun, 29 Jun '08
we like his movies.

David Longwell Sun, 29 Jun '08
John Candy was a very good and funny actor. He is missed and I pray his family is doing good. You could see in his eyes that he had something good inside of him. I hope he was a Christian so I will see him again.

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