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Troy Rejholec Sun, 15 Jun '08
Miss you a lot in movies. Always enjoy planes,trains, and automobiles. Summer Rental another great film. There will be no one to replace you ever. You are sorely missed by all. Thank you so much for all the laughs!!!

Marnie Gilchrist Sat, 14 Jun '08
Hey.. I'm looking forward to seeing this site grow.. I'm a huge fan of John Candy :>
not enough out there on this Great Man
Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you

Steve Staiger Fri, 13 Jun '08
John, I love your movies and your great humour. I miss you more than words can express.

Sam budzak Thu, 12 Jun '08
Im doing a project on candy and i chose him because he is my favorite comedian. Candy has brought lots of laughter to thousands of people. R.I.P John Candy

freeway Thu, 12 Jun '08
The man was a legend. He is up there on the same level as Richard Pryor - that being an untouchable comedy movie genius ofcourse.

mark mather Tue, 10 Jun '08
dear john, you made some great movies but unfortunately lived such a short life, you are sadly missed buddy, god bless you and look after you forever. x

richardmcgookin Tue, 10 Jun '08
great comedy actor made us all laugh sadly missed will however live forever in film.

Jordan G. Mon, 9 Jun '08
I mean just look at his smile... thats enough right there. The man is missed. One of a kind.

Darren Tue, 3 Jun '08
What a great guy. He always managed to brighten my day with his movies. As far as I'm concerned, the world officially went to hell when he died.

Shaune Pratt Tue, 3 Jun '08
I was and still am a huge fan of John Candy. I remember I was 12 years old living in Toronto and I was devastated. Such a terrible loss. I can't believe it's been almost 15 years. Rest in peace John!

Chicago , IL

bigal Mon, 2 Jun '08
he was the best

Pol Sun, 1 Jun '08
hello john i hope u could this where u are. Thanks for your film "planes, train & automobiles" you are the most symppathic & kind guy in the world & universe ! thank you

Barry J. Sat, 31 May '08

Carleigh Wed, 28 May '08
Great site! John Candy is hilarious.

dan170693 Tue, 27 May '08
John Candy is the best actor ever!!

paul .c Tue, 27 May '08
seen most of your films john you was a real funny will very badly in peace.

gail Tue, 27 May '08
john candy left us too soon very funny man and missed by all his fans

gary gibson Tue, 27 May '08
Has to be one of the best comedy actors in the 20th century.iam sure steve martin must of had some laughs with him off screen,that no dvd could show.gone b4 his in peace big guy

David McCarthy Mon, 26 May '08
John, I hope you can read this. I hope you know what you meant to everyone. You made everyone laugh. You made everyone cry. You died too soon and there will never be one like you ever again. You live forever in our hearts and laughs big man.

Richard S -Marquette Mi. Sun, 25 May '08
Being a child of the eighties and heavy into the comedy of those times, John certainly stood out as a big guy with big humor. When someone goes away who touches you, you feel a bit more vacent but John lives on in an immortal existence in the movies we love and cherish. R.I.P. Mr Candy

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