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Various sites on the internet suggest it is John Candy that can be seen in this clip (40 seconds in). It is yet unconfirmed. John would be around 20 years old at the time of the movie. We at don't think it is him but we thought we would include the video on the site so you can make you own mind up. If you can confirm it is John Candy then let us know!
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MaciejFri, 21 Oct '16
Look at the faces he makes and that laugh - it is totally John Candy. I'm 100% positive.
StephenSat, 2 May '15
I'm uncertain - I think it was that nervous laugh that makes me unwilling to be sure its not him... on the otherhand, you would think JC would've referred to it at some time in his life if it was him. I'm happy to leave it a mysterious tho'.
Marek SzmidkoSat, 26 Jul '14
This is certainly not the John Candy
German FanFri, 27 Dec '13
this guy is not John Candy ,his first role is "richie" in Dr.Simon Locke !
Amanda Thu, 19 Nov '09
If you go to youtube and search clips of the movie,you will see the real actor,who is not John.: )
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