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Various sites on the internet suggest it is John Candy that can be seen in this clip (40 seconds in). It is yet unconfirmed. John would be around 20 years old at the time of the movie. We at don't think it is him but we thought we would include the video on the site so you can make you own mind up. If you can confirm it is John Candy then let us know!
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Amanda Thu, 19 Nov '09
It's definitely not him.It's some old guy but I can see how in this scene he does look like him from a distance.He looks like John's character from Uncle Buck.Also John wouldn't have been that husky even at 20 years old.: )
Aubrey Sun, 1 Nov '09
heck no! there is no way that that is john candy! couldnt someone who was in the movie confirm if that was him or not?
Brewerer Wed, 18 Mar '09
Are you guys crazy? thats clearly not john candy, and clearly not his voice.... so no confirmation needed here.. greets from sweden...
Shawn Chaplin Sun, 4 Jan '09
I know for sure that the man in the film is not John Candy. He did only Canadian television and John Candy was not as big in the world media yet.
adrie Fri, 30 May '08
At this age (20) he was not so big in size.
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