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ricky wilmoth jr Sun, 21 May '17
Great Actor Missed By All.Just Watched Cool Runnings. Such A Good John Candy Movie...

Dave Stanford Sat, 20 May '17
When I drove taxi in Seattle, I defused drunken frat boys' urge to screw with everybody by quoting " Hi Tom Tuttle, Tacoma Washington".sinc e I looked a lot like John Candy! One call, I knocked on an apartment door, and the partying quieted down and I saw the peephole get covered as I was being checked out. After an undue wait I knocked again and this time a guy looked around the open door and was startled. "Cab driver?". I said yeah, and 3 headknockers came out. We left + they were really quiet-unusual for partiers. I said "Why didn't you come out the first time I knocked?" The ringleader, in the middle of the back seat, hesitated, then said " Uh, we're all high on acid and when I looked out and saw John Candy I thought I was hallucinating!"

Mindy Greenberg Sat, 13 May '17
Miss Him made me laugh alot

Susan Stephenson Fri, 12 May '17
I loved him in stripes and other movies! My friends and I quote him in various rolls he had in movies, to this day. Miss him and his humor!

Bigfella601 Sun, 7 May '17
Hi all, just letting you know my wife and I did a trip to NYC & Connecticut recently which was incredible. We flew from UK, travelled by train from Grand Central and drove a rented car. The entire vacation we thought of Planes,Trains & Automobiles. I even had Ray Charles & Bill Munroe tunes on my memory stick.
Love ya John.

Fred Sanders Sr Sat, 22 Apr '17
Well we just can't get enough of the great John Candy! We're sitting here watching Uncle Buck, we're very great full for him and we prey for his family and pray his son has a great success! We're just totally lost for words.

Capt. Gerry Claytor, Cedar Key, Fl Sun, 16 Apr '17
'Have loved Mr. John since 'Second City'...and still enjoy all of his movies, as much as when I first saw them??

Jason V. Francis Sun, 16 Apr '17
I loved John Candy. He was a funny comedian and a great actor. And he just seemed like a sweet and good person. It just came across on the screen.

Even though he is best known for his comedy, he was great a drama as well --playing a more serious role in Planes, Trains & Automobiles and Cool Runnings. Sadly, had his life not been cut short he may have become a distinguished dramatic actor. Good comedians often make good dramatic actors as well.

His legacy lives on in his movies and the lives he touched, directly or simply through his films.

Joe materese boston ma. Thu, 6 Apr '17
John F. Candy, Brewsters was a big part of my childhood.. when I think of him I start with a tear but I always end up with a big smile

Angie M Mon, 3 Apr '17
I adored John Candy and have read all I ever could about him. He seemed to me to be a wonderful giving soul. RIP Mr. Candy

Melanie Mon, 27 Mar '17
John I am only 28 years old but you've been my most favorite actor since I first seen you in different movies. I still watch all of your movies and miss you very much.

Lydia Sat, 25 Mar '17
Loved John so much.He will always be my favorite person.Miss him lots.

Victor Tue, 21 Mar '17
I miss John Candy very very much. I still believe he is still alive living in Mexico. I watched 'Delirious' twice in the last day.

Muerta Wed, 15 Mar '17
I grew up watching John Candy in all of his epic films. I love him. What a great actor he was whether he was dressed in drag or pulling tears from your eyes, he always put a smile on my face and made me laugh. Cheers to John!

wendy-NY Tue, 14 Mar '17
love you, miss you
thank you for your generosity and the laughter

David Mon, 13 Mar '17

Rose Sun, 5 Mar '17
My husband and I watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck every chance we get. He was brilliant in both. Funny and touching. He was gone way too soon. Missed greatly!

Ron Davis Sat, 4 Mar '17
Miss him!

Kevin Lewis Sat, 4 Mar '17
He will always be my favorite comedian. He was just a lovable "every man". The world is a darker and less funny place without him.

Dario from Italy Sat, 4 Mar '17
I am 23 years you have left us, but your sympathy and your movies continue to live each day.
Big man, big heart. Dario from Italy

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