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Denny Schleck Sat, 15 Oct '16
Soo, many funny memories. todays kids are missing out.

dwaneee c robinzon Sat, 15 Oct '16
WOOH! candy!

Jerry E Mon, 10 Oct '16
He was just so darn funny. I love watching his movies. They never get old.

PeteG Sun, 9 Oct '16
A unique guy.

Sophie Fri, 7 Oct '16
A canadian hero, his legend lives on

William Sat, 1 Oct '16
I've got a website devoted to one of John Candy's under-appreciate d movies, "Delirious." If anyone can identify the road where John Candy drove the Ferrari with Emma Samms, I'd really appreciate it!

Bigfella601 Sat, 1 Oct '16
I hailed a cab on Park Avenue this afternoon, and before I could get in stole it!!!!!
Del O Griffith.

Ally Fri, 30 Sep '16
Just laughing at Cool Running, fantastic film JC is missed byou his fans.

benheuserytb Tue, 27 Sep '16
This is my favorite website ever!

Mateo Sat, 24 Sep '16
Genius comic!

Rickie Stearns Sat, 24 Sep '16
I'm a big fan of john candy

Robert Fogarty Wed, 21 Sep '16
Even after all these years, I still like watching his movies. He was, in my opinion, under rated for his talent. I wish I had the honor to meet him in person, rest in peace Mr. Candy, you're sorely missed.

John Sat, 17 Sep '16
"Does this hat anger you? Because I know it angers a lot of people."
Absolutely hilarious. Uncle Buck.

JoAnna Tue, 13 Sep '16
Loved John Candy and miss his talents tremendously. This life is short for all of us.

Kenneth Fergus Mon, 12 Sep '16
The one person i wish id met in real life he has given me so many happy times watching his films even my kids love his films such a big kind and gentle person i still remember the day he passed away still miss him even now all the best to his family from scotland

Gary Tebbets Sun, 11 Sep '16
I love this man. I idolized him as a kid. The first of many sad days as a child came when I learned he was gone. I heard it on the radio, I was 9 or 10. Besides the OKC bombing and my parents divorce, this was the worst event for me that year.
RIP Mr Candys

Geoff Garrett Thu, 8 Sep '16
One of the best!!!

Ray S Tue, 30 Aug '16
I first seen him on SCTV when i was young, that made me a fan, and I loved everything he did afterwards. He was a Canadian to be proud of.

Maximiliano Zapata Sun, 28 Aug '16
Nice and funny guy. I knew him by his movie with Steve Martin. Candy for ever from Argentina!

John N. Mon, 22 Aug '16
He was a very likable person.

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