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mark Thu, 24 Nov '16
Planes, Trains and Automobiles . One of the great movies

Chris Heyer Mon, 21 Nov '16
I miss John Candy ... one of the best ever

Dusty Yost Sun, 20 Nov '16
I like jc.hes cool and. Great good excellent and funny

Urszula Sat, 19 Nov '16
John Candy is the best actor in the world

Bartosz Sat, 19 Nov '16
I love John Candy

debi foulkes Wed, 9 Nov '16
my favourite actor , he was brillent

John Sat, 5 Nov '16
Just watched "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" because it's November and the movie brings back such a sense of nostalgia for me. Candy made that movie what it was. He had a wide range of emotions he could bring to a movie: comedy, sincereness, humility and much more. He was a wonderful actor and an even better person. May he never be forgotten.

Steve Brown (Kingston ontario) Thu, 3 Nov '16
You have been gone for 22 years John but we still love to watch your work and laugh. We all miss you so much and want to say thank you for everything.

- Said every Canadian ever!

Sean Pemberton Tue, 1 Nov '16
I grew up watching Mr.Candy's movies he brought a lot of laughter and happiness then as well as nowadays! He was the crazy uncle I never had! R.I.P.

BUDSLAYER Tue, 1 Nov '16
John Candy was one of the greatest actors of ALL TIME. Whos Harry Crumb, Summer Rental, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck are just a few of the greatest movies of all time!

Ben Volman Mon, 31 Oct '16
When I was a graduate student, I had a little TV set that played SCTV on late night to relax after long days of translating Greek and intense essays. I had a cat and a dog curled next to me while I laughed insanely at Johnny LaRue, Yosh Shmenge, all those incredible characters. John--we miss you! Gone way too soon--and yet so well loved for years to come.

Deborah Dietsche Wed, 26 Oct '16
Missing you John and remembering all the heartfelt laughter,smiles and tears. The favorite comedian of mine

Jake Hawkins Wed, 26 Oct '16
I just read an article of the interview of Jen and Chris on eve of John's birthday. I have to say, it choked me up. I am a father of three and can't fathom the thought of my kids going through that. I LOVE John Candy and his movies. Uncle Buck, one of my all-time favorites. No idea how many times I have watched that, and so many of his others over and over. They never get old. His laugh is the best, and his perfectly timed, spot-on comedic talent was amazing. I still remember learning of his un-timely passing. It felt like I was punched in the gut. He was definitely taken too soon. You are still missed Mr. Candy! Best wishes to his family as well!

Jacquelyn Pontzious Mon, 24 Oct '16
I loved watching any movie John Candy was in. Some of them I still watch over and over again!! (I especially enjoy "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles," and "Summer Rental." I always felt he had a loving heart,a caring soul, and a great sense of humor, not to mention an adorable smile! When I found out he had passed away, I felt I had lost a friend. What a lucky family to be a part of. God bless.

Cal Grant Mon, 24 Oct '16
I had a poster of John on the back of my door at university. One of the most effortlessly and certainly original funny-guys around in his era. I'm sure I'm not the only one who holds these thoughts. Wish in whatever circumstance that I could have met him. Rip.

Michael W. Hedrick Sun, 23 Oct '16
What to say about John Candy. He was a Very, Very Good Actor I have seen a lot of his Movies. I Loved them all. He also was a Actor you could relate to one who when you were having a bad day you could put on one of his movies and just laugh and forget about your bad day.

Micha el W. Hedrick

John murray Sun, 23 Oct '16
Always love trains planes and automobiles. John candy and Steve martin. classic

Danna Sun, 16 Oct '16
John Candy was a comedic genius. When he was on screen, you never took your eyes off of him. I love all of his movies, but my favorite is Uncle Buck. It is a comedy classic of the highest order. It never fails to lift me up and give me a million smiles. He is sadly missed.

Denny Schleck Sat, 15 Oct '16
Soo, many funny memories. todays kids are missing out.

dwaneee c robinzon Sat, 15 Oct '16
WOOH! candy!

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