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Ørjan Norwegian Sat, 23 Dec '17
John was a definite part of my childhood. I really love him in Brewsters millionaire and Uncle Buck.

R.I.P big man

Scott Linder Wed, 6 Dec '17
I was a teenager when John Candy held court in a brilliant Second City cast. I miss Johnny LaRue and all of his other great characters. He was gone too soon... but his is a life well lived, and he is remembered and loved by many, many people for having brought happiness and laughter to their lives. Not many can make such a claim.

Larry Hughey Thu, 23 Nov '17
Just watched planes, trains and automobiles on Thanksgiving 2017. I forgot how funny this movie is. I laughed until I cried. Two comedy genius legends together.

Mary Wed, 22 Nov '17
We have watched all of his movies..And watching one right know The Great Outdoors.... He was fantastic....

Annie Sun, 19 Nov '17
I think John Candy is one of the funniest actors ever.

Bigfella601 Sun, 12 Nov '17
My wife and I are having a John Candy marathon tonight. Home Alone and now PTA.
I'm still a million bucks shy of being a millionaire!!!!

Steve C Tue, 31 Oct '17
I met John Candy briefly when he appeared at a National Association of Broadcasters convention hospitality suite in the mid-late 1980's -- I don't remember the exact year. It was in Las Vegas. The suite and his appearance was sponsored by some new entertainment network -- don't remember the name of that either (it's not around anymore). He was signing autographs and there was a photographer. He took a photo with me but I never followed up to get the photo, and now the sponsoring business is gone. I do have his autograph. He signed it "Steve, thanks for the acting lessons! John Candy." I miss him and his TV and movie appearances.

Rachel C Sat, 28 Oct '17
I always smile when I see a John Candy movie on and I always stop and watch. The smile on his face at the end of Uncle Buck and Planes, Trains and Automobiles always makes me cry. Such a great loss when he passed.

Such a comedic genius with an awesome smile, I miss him! It is a blessing we,the patrons of his artistic endeavors, such as “ COOL RUNNINGS” may enjoy his work whenever we choose.Thank you to his son, Christopher, for creating this site.

Paul V Wed, 25 Oct '17
Just watched Planes, Trains & Automobiles for the umpteenth time! :) Would have loved to have spent some time with him, but he lives on in our hearts and memories :)

Janice Fri, 13 Oct '17
I m watching one of my favorite movies right now the great outdoors !!!

The Chum Sun, 1 Oct '17
Watch every time his movies are on! He was the GREATEST. First class all the way.

Jim Thu, 21 Sep '17
I grew up with his movies and always looked forward to the next one. Great site for a wonderful human being. John, you are loved and will never be forgotten! Thank you for the laughs.

Bigfella601 Sun, 17 Sep '17
Hi John, am watching Home Alone tonight. Polka, Polka Polka.
Luvv Ya!!!

Stephen Bessant Sat, 16 Sep '17
John Candy is one of life's most amazing people and actors.
The complete works of Candy - will be number one on our collection.
John even though you have passed you will make us smile every day

Brook Bibb Sun, 10 Sep '17
Growing up watching John on SCTV was a life changer. A true genius with a humble side. In 1989, when Uncle Buck came out, I realized this is my favorite John Candy character. Buck was caring, loving, great with kids, but not a pushover. Wonderful qualities for all men to have. I just hope to have these qualities myself. Thank you John for all the laughs, your love you showed us through you films, and most importantly, your humility.

Richard Monzillo Sun, 3 Sep '17
Made me laugh Always,weather big or small roles,miss him much,one of a kind!Planes Trains Automobiles could have won him an Oscar;as good as Jackie Gleason!

Ever, Chihuahua, Mexico Thu, 31 Aug '17
Excellent actor, thanks for all the movies that you make for us.

Helen Sewell Sat, 12 Aug '17
Every time I watch Uncle Buck, many many times, I always cry at the end. He was a lovely man & everyone was sad when he died.

Vickie Roth Thu, 3 Aug '17
This is the first time I have looked up John Candy's Wikipedia and biography page and was brought to tears in the reading, I love to watch his movies over and over again because they always bring a laugh from me no matter how depressed I am feeling that day (bipolar disorder) why are the really funny guys gone way way too soon! After reading the pages I have today I am going to watch each and everything I can get hold of, I know that alone will be the greatest thing I can do for myself in watching the master at his best. !! I love you John Candy, now I will finish the movie Wagons East!!!??????

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