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Angie M Mon, 3 Apr '17
I adored John Candy and have read all I ever could about him. He seemed to me to be a wonderful giving soul. RIP Mr. Candy

Melanie Mon, 27 Mar '17
John I am only 28 years old but you've been my most favorite actor since I first seen you in different movies. I still watch all of your movies and miss you very much.

Lydia Sat, 25 Mar '17
Loved John so much.He will always be my favorite person.Miss him lots.

Victor Tue, 21 Mar '17
I miss John Candy very very much. I still believe he is still alive living in Mexico. I watched 'Delirious' twice in the last day.

Muerta Wed, 15 Mar '17
I grew up watching John Candy in all of his epic films. I love him. What a great actor he was whether he was dressed in drag or pulling tears from your eyes, he always put a smile on my face and made me laugh. Cheers to John!

wendy-NY Tue, 14 Mar '17
love you, miss you
thank you for your generosity and the laughter

David Mon, 13 Mar '17

Rose Sun, 5 Mar '17
My husband and I watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck every chance we get. He was brilliant in both. Funny and touching. He was gone way too soon. Missed greatly!

Ron Davis Sat, 4 Mar '17
Miss him!

Kevin Lewis Sat, 4 Mar '17
He will always be my favorite comedian. He was just a lovable "every man". The world is a darker and less funny place without him.

Dario from Italy Sat, 4 Mar '17
I am 23 years you have left us, but your sympathy and your movies continue to live each day.
Big man, big heart. Dario from Italy

Alannah Fri, 24 Feb '17
Love John's laugh - real belly laugh

Jason Thu, 16 Feb '17
I'll always remember him for the movie Uncle Buck. What a great film!

James and sharon evans Sun, 12 Feb '17
A super gentleman and a fine actor really miss him!

Kurt Sat, 11 Feb '17
Awesome man and actor. I remember the day we lost him. Great Canadian ambassador. He still is with his timeless movies. Wish he was still here making movies. I wish his family the best.

David Thu, 9 Feb '17
I am watching Summer Rental right now. Freaking hilarious! I love that movie.

Garry from Scotland Mon, 6 Feb '17
Loved JC, so sad that ill never get the chance to meet the great man,loved planes trains, and the great outdoors , " big bear chased me " ,lol , still watch them today !!!

Nolan Mon, 30 Jan '17
You're the man John, your movies have made me more outgoing and happy. One of my favorite lines you wanna hurt me bit. Rip!

momick70 Sun, 29 Jan '17
Great man great films. Like many, I enjoy Planes, Trains and Automobiles every late November. My copy is on laser disc.
Taken way too soon.

Bonnie from the rock.( nl) Sat, 28 Jan '17
love all his movies a great actor and comedian.

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