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Joe Barnes Wed, 6 Jan '16
John will always be in our family thoughts , we watch his movies all the time , and our youngest grandson is too. Chris all the best to you, hope your career is like your dads ????????????????

David Sullivan Fri, 1 Jan '16
So miss watching this great man and actor he truly was one of a kind he passed away way to early :-)

Alex Mon, 28 Dec '15
I just love him.

gary Mon, 28 Dec '15
It was a shame we lost a great actor like john candy I have not seen a film that he was in that I did not like and enjoy

Hi Mon, 28 Dec '15
I'm in the UK and all this Christmas on British Tv we are watching the great John candy yesterday uncle buck today cool runnings. May your soul rest in peace and thank you for all the years of laughter.

Doug C Mon, 28 Dec '15
He always made me laugh. My kids thought he was so cool and wanted to see a new movie that he made. He will live on everytime he makes you laugh and feel good. :)

Jeremy Green Sun, 27 Dec '15
He was an amazing actor! When he passed away it was a real tragic loss. I really hate that I did not have the honor of meeting him.

Kim Milligan Fri, 25 Dec '15
Thank you John Candy for all the laughter. I'm sure you have all the souls in heaven laughing too. I hope to meet you when it's my time to croak.

Bob Larson Thu, 24 Dec '15
Love all of John Candy's movies, what a great guy, sad he passed so young, would have been many more great movies I'm sure.

Paul Indrigo Wed, 23 Dec '15
Growing up in East York meant learning about John Candy early in life. Aside from the classic moments on SCTV, my grade 8 teacher (Russ Campbell) went to school with John at Neil McNeil. From LaRue to Shanks to Yorgi, John will always be part of what Canada is to me. Long live the craneshot....

Andrew M Wed, 23 Dec '15
A remarkable man whose life was sadly cut short. He continues to make so many people chuckle and laugh. His legacy will live on with his family bless him.

Nurse V Tue, 22 Dec '15
Glad to c others miss u as I do. You were the first star and person I cried about as a child due to death, I was on the 7th grade. I was awaken in my soul and spirit that death is final and nothing can be done to change the final destination. My son watches your movies and loves you as well. You are missed!!!! Not forgotten. At least we have old films to watch and laugh our cares away with you on them. Until we meet again, my favorite comedian, my friend, and your fan, Nurse V

Steve Lee Mon, 21 Dec '15

fabiola Mon, 21 Dec '15
I am happy to fine this website about john candy, I am very like to see his movie,... great actor

Jason Phillips Sat, 19 Dec '15
I enjoyed watching movies with John Candy in them as a child. I was shocked when he passed away, just before I graduated high school. Now 21 years later, it still feels hard to believe that he's not right here with us. I guess in spirit he always will be.

Gyula Mon, 14 Dec '15
Szerettem a filmjeit,remek szinész volt. Nyugodjon békében.

Norma Gonzalez Sat, 12 Dec '15
Just finished watching one of many great movies of his, Planes, Trains & Automobiles. So, great and funny. I dearly miss the 90s and all the great movies from that time, today's movies are just not as good. John is just one of the greatest and funniest actors of all time that we had the priviladge of knowing throughout his work.To bad he had to leave us so soon and so young. Like they say, a classic never dies.

Collin Wallman Fri, 11 Dec '15
I know this may not mean anything to anyone because of my age but I am a 16 year old actor. John Candy is a huge part of why i became an actor, he is ny inspiration and I wish i was born in a time period where i could have meet him and worked with him. May you rest in peace and thank you John Candy.

Tristan Kubas (From Canada) Mon, 7 Dec '15
John Candy was a hilarious actor that inspired me to act, and bring out a different side of acting. I believe he also influenced many Canadians and showed people out of Canada our culture, and our/his humour.
My favorite quotes of him:
Barf: Aah!
Barf: What the hell was that?
Lonestar: Spaceball 1.
Barf: They've gone to plaid!

Barf: I'm a mog: half man, half dog. I'm my own best friend!

Barf : (reacting to the guards being shot by Princess Vespa) HOLY SHIT!
Princess Vespa: How was that?
Lone Starr: Not bad.
Barf: Not bad... for a girl.
Dot Matrix: Hey that was pretty good for RAMBO!

Neal: Del... Why did you kiss my ear?
Del: Why are you holding my hand?
Neal: [frowns] Where's your other hand?
Del: Between two pillows...
Ne al: Those aren't pillows!

Now im using up too much space.
R.I.P One of the greats!

Tristan Mon, 7 Dec '15
"I'm a Mawg!"
I'll never forget that line.
We love you Candy!

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