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Merces Iverson Mon, 10 Dec '18
Met him in Newmarket, his birth place, getting ready for a Christmas party! Nice guy!

Marty Andrews Mon, 3 Dec '18
Saw another John Candy rerun with Steve Martin last night. Funny, funny as always! My favorite: Uncle Buck. I miss John. Terrible loss. Wonderful memories.

Robert Sieger Sun, 25 Nov '18
Was John Candy's widow Rosemary's maiden name HOBAN or HOBOR? THANKS.

Angelika & Harald from Germany Thu, 22 Nov '18
Unbelievable again one year is over and we Hand our little Thanksgiving die ceremony is over. This consists of watching „Planes, Trains and Automobiles“. This also reminds us of our 1st visit to Big Apple when we arrived on Thanksgiving to NYC. We don‘t get tired of watching this movie every year again ... always creates good feelings, Thank you so much John, RIP

Shara Dillon Sun, 18 Nov '18
Who doesn't love this man. A lot of people say that I look like him but as a woman and I am not offended by that instead I am very proud to remind people of him. I love him dearly.

Al Red Tue, 6 Nov '18
Thank you for everything you've done .You will never be forgotten .

Bigfella601 Sat, 27 Oct '18
Hi Del. I had no idea those cans were gonna explode like that!!

Jim K Mon, 22 Oct '18
JC is the type of personality and character that every time I see him I laugh. My favorite of all time is Del Griffith. I miss his screen presence.

Lynn Sun, 7 Oct '18
I haven`t seen all of John Candy's. movies, but I think that will be on my bucket list. I love Uncle Buck, and I love John Candy. I envy his wife, he reminds me of my first boyfriend.

Lynn Sat, 15 Sep '18
Thinking of John.

Lynelle schloerb Mon, 3 Sep '18
Finally an actor with movies we can watch again and again. Comedy with a clean undertone. John candy is the greatest. This is about the 10 th time we have watched cool running.

Claudette J Fri, 31 Aug '18
I love John Candy and all his movies. He always puts a smile on my face when I'm down.

Janet Thompson Tue, 21 Aug '18
John Candy is still one of my favorite talents. He continues to bring so much laughter into the world as his movies are shown again and again. I just saw him on a Johnny Carson re-run (with Maureen O’Hara). A great man, gone way too soon...

Luke Sun, 19 Aug '18
Forever loved.

robert Thu, 16 Aug '18
love and miss you bro

Essex Gregg Wed, 20 Jun '18
One of the most funniest actors ever. Never forget

Bigfella601 Sun, 17 Jun '18
Hey Del. Wife & I just got back from a weekend trip to Edingburgh. Just settled down in front of the fire watching PTA on Bluray.
I'm still a million bucks shy of being a millionaire!!!

Tracey Kominowski-Lecle rc Sat, 17 Mar '18
I’d love to research my favourite comedian...being a Canadian, John Candy is an inspiration to those who otherwise-fit in a stereo-typed Hollywood, but he broke through those and left us with movies that will never forget...they are timeless....

Dario Valeri from Italy Sun, 4 Mar '18
24 years after your disappearance, the memory remains as strong as your wonderful films with which I grew up. With affection! Dario from Italy

Bigfella601 Sat, 3 Mar '18
Hi John we're watching Uncle Buck as I type.
You should see the toast, I couldn't get it through the door!!!
Love ya UB

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