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Lynn Sat, 15 Sep '18
Thinking of John.

Lynelle schloerb Mon, 3 Sep '18
Finally an actor with movies we can watch again and again. Comedy with a clean undertone. John candy is the greatest. This is about the 10 th time we have watched cool running.

Claudette J Fri, 31 Aug '18
I love John Candy and all his movies. He always puts a smile on my face when I'm down.

Janet Thompson Tue, 21 Aug '18
John Candy is still one of my favorite talents. He continues to bring so much laughter into the world as his movies are shown again and again. I just saw him on a Johnny Carson re-run (with Maureen O’Hara). A great man, gone way too soon...

Luke Sun, 19 Aug '18
Forever loved.

robert Thu, 16 Aug '18
love and miss you bro

Essex Gregg Wed, 20 Jun '18
One of the most funniest actors ever. Never forget

Bigfella601 Sun, 17 Jun '18
Hey Del. Wife & I just got back from a weekend trip to Edingburgh. Just settled down in front of the fire watching PTA on Bluray.
I'm still a million bucks shy of being a millionaire!!!

Tracey Kominowski-Lecle rc Sat, 17 Mar '18
I’d love to research my favourite comedian...being a Canadian, John Candy is an inspiration to those who otherwise-fit in a stereo-typed Hollywood, but he broke through those and left us with movies that will never forget...they are timeless....

Dario Valeri from Italy Sun, 4 Mar '18
24 years after your disappearance, the memory remains as strong as your wonderful films with which I grew up. With affection! Dario from Italy

Bigfella601 Sat, 3 Mar '18
Hi John we're watching Uncle Buck as I type.
You should see the toast, I couldn't get it through the door!!!
Love ya UB

Michael Hoyt Fri, 23 Feb '18
You're the greatest John. You have the heart and soul of a true Gentleman with the kindness and integrity rarely seen. You made our world smile and for that, I am eternally grateful.

George Charnie Jr Mon, 19 Feb '18
John Candy is my all time favorite entertainer
I can watch any JC movie any time. His legacy lives through the people he makes smile, laugh and enjoy his humor. Thank God for John Candy !

G.E . Hart Sun, 11 Feb '18
I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Candy but I cried the day he passed away.I'm not sure why it hit me so hard, but he had always been a favorite of mine and always came off as a kind and good hearted man in public appearances. It made me happy to see a nice fellow doing well in the business, you hear so many stories about more mean spirited fellows making it big. I liked to see the "nice guy" finish FIRST for a change. I miss him on screen. Rest In Peace.

Julia Fernandez Sun, 11 Feb '18
I love Mr. Candy very much, enjoyed his movies. I never get tired of watching The Great Outdoors, I laugh like crazy. Love you! R.I.P.

Nick Sun, 11 Feb '18
You are missed!

Jeffrey brill Fri, 9 Feb '18
I love mr. Candy and he is my idol. He makes me laugh with movies all time and my favorite one is "uncle Buck"! I still think about him up in heaven.

Don Downing Sun, 28 Jan '18
Been a fan of John's since the SCTV days. Saw him on an episode of Police Surgeon. Hope that you can include some info on Radio Kandy. Thanks and take care!

Hal Emmerich Thu, 4 Jan '18
Good evening: Not long ago I began to be interested in John's performance. I had previously seen Uncle Buck and Home Alone. I just watched tonight: Planes, Trains and Automobiles and I think it's wonderful. I would have always liked to have a friend like him! I just saw on wikipedia that he died more than 20 years ago and I almost cried. I want to think that in real life it was like in his films: a funny and good man

Rick Loesch Sun, 31 Dec '17
I loved Uncle Buck and Tom Tuttle of Tacoma as well as all things John Candy

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