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Eme sanchez Wed, 24 Feb '16
So I was reading this list of comedians gone too soon, and I was surprised to see John Candy on it. I saw uncle buck and part of Planes and automobiles... So sad to learn of it. Was reading up and found this site. May he rest in peace.

Philip Tue, 23 Feb '16
To this day still my all time favorite actor. Made me laugh so much. Thanks John.

Bob Hanna Sun, 21 Feb '16
Hi "John" and family,
Bob Hanna here. Played sax behind John in the band above first clarinet section. I can still hear the laughter as I boarded the streetcar at Coxwell and Gerrard most mornings."Flatul ating during Beethoven s 5 TH really chocked me up !!!
Thanks for the memories !!!
Bob Hanna Ajax

terry Fri, 19 Feb '16
Awesome actor.. planes trains and automobiles!.. timeless classic and an incredibly talented and kind man. Never forgotten.

Angela uk Tue, 16 Feb '16
My mum was a huge john candy fan an i grew up watching uncle buck, summer rental, great outdoors to name a few. I sadly lost my mum in 2005 but i have started recently watching the john candy films we loved so much an are so poignant. Wish there was a way of turning back the clock. John candy you are a legend an are so missed. X

Brian hunt Fri, 12 Feb '16
Thank god for john candy. Not only was he a great actor. He was a real person off camera too. His family is truly blessed to have him as a father. The world Will miss him. Hollywood could take lessons from him. We need more big actors. Rest in eternal peace john. We love you

Mark Thu, 11 Feb '16
I always liked his sense of humor, he could make me laugh and forget my troubles

Felicia Lober Sun, 7 Feb '16
Every time I flip TV stations looking for a movie, and, see John Candy, I stop everything to enjoy his acting. His facial expressions, line delivery, his character interpretations are excellent. Can't believe he has been gone 22 years

C. Estero Sun, 7 Feb '16
I just finished to see Planes, Trains & Automobiles in my TV and I wondered what happened with John Candy, why I have not seen new Candy movies for so long. I Google and discovered that John Candy died in 1994. It has been bad news for me, I'm really sad. I think it was one of the best comedians of American movies. He had a special personality. His way of making people laugh in his films was unique. I'm now 52 years old and I enjoyed his movies ( "Planes, Trains & Automobiles", "Spaceballs", "1,2,3 splash", "Uncle Buck"... ) during my youth and I have nice memories of John Candy. I wish you the best wherever you are. Carlos from Madrid, Spain.

Carol Tue, 2 Feb '16
John Candy and I are almost the same age. He was an amazing actor. I just saw "Uncle Buck" on TV for about the 4th time. So poignant and still relevant. He was such a great guy.

Tina Mon, 1 Feb '16
I grew up watching JC. He's everything Canadian to me. I think John is the creator of LOL.
RIP John.

Shawna Jones Fri, 29 Jan '16
I will never forget the movies John Candy did that still makes me laugh to this day! My children were born after he passed, but they know him by his talents and the giggles. Thanks John! I hope to meet you one day in Heaven.

Laura Fri, 29 Jan '16
I remember when my parents split up when I was 8 years old and we moved in to my uncle jeffs house for two and a half years. During that time my uncle introduced me to all things John candy, we watched all his films and uncle buck is among my favourites. My uncle jeff was a lot like John candy in many ways and we call him uncle buck. I now have a family of my own, 3 boys and a girl who also love John candy movies. He is my favourite actor of all time. Thanks for the memories John candy.

Charles Tue, 26 Jan '16
My favorite comedian and the best

Keith Purvis Mon, 25 Jan '16
A classic, one of my all time favorites

Cindy Thu, 21 Jan '16
Just caught the movie "Delirious" on the television. I had forgotten how funny Candy was. Loved revisiting that show and his sense of humor.

Dreisha Wed, 13 Jan '16
John Candy was the absolute man. I have loved three people in this world: Kesha, Becky G., and John Candy!

vanermen constant Fri, 8 Jan '16
hello everyone. greetings from Belgium. just seen "Uncle Buck" again on Blu-Ray.John Candy what an actor!hope he's still runnig cool with Brewster if you know what i mean.

Joe Barnes Wed, 6 Jan '16
John will always be in our family thoughts , we watch his movies all the time , and our youngest grandson is too. Chris all the best to you, hope your career is like your dads ????????????????

David Sullivan Fri, 1 Jan '16
So miss watching this great man and actor he truly was one of a kind he passed away way to early :-)

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