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Rev.George Peter Mergener Fri, 17 May '19
He is in my memories, constantly!

Mark, from Canton, Ohio Mon, 29 Apr '19
I was pretty surprised to see John in a serious roll. It was cool runnings. I thought he was great. My son watched it over and over as a kid. We all did, actually. I hope his kids have great success on their careers and know John was pretty special. God Bless

Kathy Nielsen Sat, 23 Mar '19
John Candy was so refreshing and he knew what comedy was all about not like comedians are today.

Michael Huffman Portland, Texas Sat, 16 Mar '19
Watched Stripes just yesterday. Witty comedy, and his many other movies, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Uncle Buck. Such joy he brought, and you are truly missed. Thank you for blessing us, then, and now, and Forever.

RafRaf Mon, 4 Mar '19
Legend of the comedies. We will always remember. Thank you for So much fun when i was kid. 1941, Space Balls, Home Alone 2 and many more. I cannot imagine that it is 25 years...

James Cassar Mon, 4 Mar '19
25 years since you left us, passed far too young. Still loving your work and now introducing my children to your comedy genius. Gone but not forgotten.

Andrew Berry Mon, 4 Mar '19
Was in grade 9 with JC.Class was hilarious.Pat Kelly ,John and I used to hang together.Played road hockey on Ellington Dr. in Scarboro ,1963.Love you man

Dario from Italy Mon, 4 Mar '19
After 25 years, your sympathy and joy continue to live through your movies! Dario from Italy

RoseMarie from Hamilton, ON Sun, 3 Mar '19
Always miss your lovely smile and the wonderful person you were. God Bless you and your lovely family. Together again for sure.

Bigfella601 Sat, 19 Jan '19
Hi Del. Was that seat hot or what. I’m afraid to look at my ass, I might have those griddle marks. I feel like a big whopper, turn me over I’m done this side!!!!

Gina Mon, 14 Jan '19
My absolute favorite comedic Actor, especially in
Planes, Trains. And Automobiles!

Ken P Mon, 14 Jan '19
Missing you as always!!

Beverly A. Thompson Sat, 12 Jan '19
John Candy was a man you liked immediately:his warm,smiling face was unique and his talent immense!I loved his films and the joy he gave to millions!

Victoria Sat, 12 Jan '19
He rates up there with all 'Christmas movies. Is. A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and 'Charlie Brown's Christmas. If you haven't. seen John Candy, you are woefully devoid of pure comedy. For the common man.

Garett Broenner Fri, 11 Jan '19
I see that the Government of Canada is now allows Canadian that have made a difference to be on our money. I would like to nominate John Candy to be put on our currency in 2019 Contact your local MP in Canada and for people outside Canada you can email or send a letter to the top MP, the Prime Minister of Canada office. John Candy made billions of people laugh around the world and he was a great Canadian that we all can be proud to have known through TV and his movies.
please share so we can make this happen!

Douglas B Sun, 6 Jan '19
We all miss John tremendously, I have watched him since SCTV.He will always be one of my favorites. Love all his movies and his fellow SCTV castmates.I have been enjoying schitts creek with your buddy Eugene Levy,and his son and daughter. What an honor it must have been to have known you. May the lord bless you and your family. Thanks for the memories John,your friend always from a town in New York an hour from the Canadian border. I wish more men in the world had a 1/3 of the heart that you had , because yours was huge.

mike peppers Sun, 30 Dec '18
I watch all you films over and over .Planes trains& automobiles Uncle Buck ,and home alone are some of my favorites.John you gave us so much laughter in the short 43 years that you were with us. thank you John and I know your are still entertaing

Thomas B Sat, 29 Dec '18
Missing you John ,,just se the film great outdoors allways great film best regards from Sweden

Lucio Palazzo Wed, 26 Dec '18
We miss John.

Kim Hansen Tue, 25 Dec '18
Just seeing “Uncle Buck” in Danish TV
R.I.P John

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