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ANGIE Tue, 22 Apr '08

Hinojosa Cosme Sun, 20 Apr '08
Another fat great person,who proved more loving and giveing to me, than any skinny, pretty, in love with themselves standard of health, and beauty. To live longer does not mean to live more.

Tina Morrow Sat, 19 Apr '08
Have just watched 'Armed and Dangerous' you made me laugh, thankyou X

cliff Fri, 18 Apr '08
A great loss, to everyone. the man was a one-off talent that we will probably never see again! R.I.P.

Jim Freidhof Fri, 18 Apr '08
Always loved that big guy -- miss him alot. He was just fantastic in everything he did from SCTV to 'Only the Lonely'.

Auryn Kucheran Fri, 18 Apr '08
RIP are sadly missed. But the laughter will always be there.

Scott Bleer Thu, 17 Apr '08
I grew up watching all his great movies. Now my children love watching them with me. He was a great man and is sorely missed.

gsalmon Thu, 17 Apr '08
great actor - will be missed greatly

Jarrod Simpson Thu, 17 Apr '08
We watched Uncle Buck Last night and was thinking about you

Richard Sarno Tue, 15 Apr '08
We watch Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and Only The Lonely on a regular basis. Writer/Director/ Producer John Hughes summed-up our love, devotion, and fascination with this great man, " A sweeter man never lived..."

Kelly Baldry Mon, 14 Apr '08
Truly a genius. Very much missed and forever in my thoughts. How can anyone be compared to him? Live on forever he will. x

Jeremy Judd Sun, 13 Apr '08
To a beloved American icon.


mark clements Sun, 13 Apr '08
just finished watching uncle buck for the 100th time and its as funny now as the first time i saw it. john was a brilliant actor and comedian and u knew if he was in a film it would be worth watching.
he was a legend that is sadly missed.

Laure Lee Sun, 13 Apr '08
we just watched uncle buck. he was a truely talented man...

Annamae Sat, 12 Apr '08
This is a wonderful website for John Candy fans. I have watched his films from inside and out and this website can show all the details you need to know about this wonderful man.

Justin Fri, 11 Apr '08
My first memory of John Candy was in Armed and Dangerous...what a classic. Eugene Levy too!

Cheryl Wed, 9 Apr '08
I was a kid in the 80's when my own father watched all of the great John Candy movies. I love Summer Rental, Uncle Buck, and The Great Outdoors the most. Those movies remind me of my father, a big yet soft spoken man, the loveable loser if you will. I miss John Candy so much as an actor, I miss seeing him on the screen. He was SOOO funny and so talented. It is a shame that he left us so early. He is one of my all-time favorite actors. God Bless his family.

Barbi Mon, 7 Apr '08
I have always loved any movie that starred or was cameo'ed by John Candy. a few of my top fave movies of all time: Planes/Trains/Autos, Uncle Buck, Great Outdoors. His legacy will live on, even if we cannot see him today.

Jim Dandy Mon, 7 Apr '08
John Candy is one of the all-time greats. Just watched Uncle Buck again tonight and I'll never get enough. We miss you, John!

dave in frankfort illinois Sun, 6 Apr '08
john candy by far was the best no one will ever come close

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