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Mac Sat, 8 Mar '08
What a talented and funny man... A great loss for mankind!

Jollysand Fri, 7 Mar '08
Hey John- Where ever you are -Thanks for the joy you brought to us. My favorite movie is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The movie never ages and my laughter never stops when I watch it. You left us way too soon. I still appreciate your talent all these years later. Soar high John!! You deserve it.

Mike Fachman Fri, 7 Mar '08
One of the true comic greats!I have seen Summer Rental like 100 times and it never gets old! "Hey, that guy looks like John Madden."

Clint & Corey Rush Fri, 7 Mar '08
We will never forget John driving with his crutch in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. "We almost hit a deer." Absolute classic! What a talent!

Philip Coffey Thu, 6 Mar '08
This is the best dedication site ever. Well done to all involved. God bless the great John Candy. I'm his biggest Irish fan.

Gaz Wed, 5 Mar '08
Thanks for all the laughs John RIP mate & keep on laughing

Shelley Turmel Wed, 5 Mar '08
John Candy was and still is a great joy in my life! I am only 30 years old and LOVE him and his great comedic works. I am really sad he's gone he was a great man, and he lives on through his numerous movies. So on that note I will grab a bag of popcorn and go watch one of my favourites....Trains, Planes and Automobiles! Miss you dearly John!

Joseph Whitley Tue, 4 Mar '08
I have beena told for nearly a decade now that I look & sound just like Mr. Candy. It is a huge compliment to me. John Candy is in my mind one of the most underrated actors & comedians of our time. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories and great times Mr. Candy.

Rich Sarno Tue, 4 Mar '08
On the 14th anniversary of your death, my family and I will watch your films, and outrageous SCTV characters and celebrate the life of a man who brought smiles and comfort to millions.

It seems all the good ones get taken way too early. There is a certain reason people are drawn to John Candy, his light shines bright(ly). I miss you, all of your fans miss you. You surely live on in our hearts and your light burns brighter than ever.
Del Griffith, Buck Russell, Danny Muldoon... God, do these characters you portrayed rest warmly in my heart. All my love to your wife and children.

Olio Tue, 4 Mar '08
John Candy is still the best!

becky Tue, 4 Mar '08
john candy was amazing i miss him so much

Patrick V. Tue, 4 Mar '08
When I was young people always told me how I looked and acted like John Candy. At the time I felt they were making fun of my weight. Now I'm the same age as he was when he died and I feel honored to be compared to him. Just call me Uncle Buck!!!

Kim Tue, 4 Mar '08
Still miss you and your laughter.

Kelly Watkinson Mon, 3 Mar '08
Still thinking of you!! Thanks for all the good times my family had watching your antics!!

LouD Mon, 3 Mar '08
How do I give thanks for 20+ years of entertainment? Genesis. R.I.P

Still Missing John Candy Mon, 3 Mar '08
Sadly, 14 yrs. tomorrow you left us.
My heart still weeps for the one and only "great John Candy."
There will never be another one like him. Great actor, great human being.
My thoughts are with his family.
Still missing you, John Candy.....

Edmund Toomey Sun, 2 Mar '08
I love John Candy. My favorite movie with him was Uncle Buck.

jan morley Sat, 1 Mar '08
when ever i see a john candy film i always think to myself he shouldnt be dead. He was great still miss him all these years later

Ann Sat, 1 Mar '08
I adored this man as an actor, and always felt that he would have been a lovely warm person.
He actually died on my birthday 4th March. I had just finished watching one of his movies with my kids, when it was announced on tv that he had died.
Such a sad loss, a great man with a lovely smile. God rest him. xxxxx

kevin chapman Sat, 1 Mar '08
just watching john in only the lonely on tv great performance our loss is heavens gain,he always makes me feel better!

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