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Katie Sun, 20 Jan '08
I just got done watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles again...I laughed hard and I cried...John seemed to be able to do that in so many of his movies. Rest in Peace, John! :)

if ever in life you feel very low,watch this great man in action and your troubles for a while just pale into insignificance

Frosty Tue, 15 Jan '08
I watched Planes,Trains,& Automobiles last night-thanks for that movie John. I cried so much but tears of happiness when I saw your smile.

Bob Griffin Mon, 14 Jan '08
John Candy was the best person in canada and even long after he is gone people will be enjoying his movies for years to come. Well miss ya a lot.

Joe Hencken Sun, 13 Jan '08
John Candy was The Best. we lost a great comedian. I glad to see this fan page.
Thanks I will visit often

LINDA Sun, 13 Jan '08

GeePasc Sun, 13 Jan '08
I get the feeling,just from watching his movies,that John Candy was,and will be remembered as a lovely bloke who anyone would love to meet.

Lin Waring from UK Sat, 12 Jan '08
He was an awesome chap and will always be missed.My Fav film is' The Great Outdoors ', I've watched it so many times and just love the ' Bear, Big Bear ' scene !!! xx

Rohan Sat, 12 Jan '08
Truly a great man. He is a true example of a wonderful human being.

a loving funny man i so loved to watch. Fri, 11 Jan '08
i always watch any re runs i find, so sad. so young. miss your acting....mary

Glenn Sibley Fri, 11 Jan '08
He made me laugh many times and I enjoy his films my favorite Planes Trains an Automobiles.

andrew hachem Thu, 10 Jan '08
if i could have met john candy it could bin nice

Frosty L. Argo Thu, 10 Jan '08
I would also like to say I own every movie he was in and even other stuff he was in. I agree with Teri..everytime the endin on Uncle Buck where he smiles and waves, I just I lose it, he was such a wonderful actor and I'm sure he was one of the finest you'd ever meet. Thanks John, we miss ya and will always love ya!

Frosty L. Argo Thu, 10 Jan '08
I would just like to take this time and thank you for makin this site. John Candy is the best. I miss seein him in movies cause you know as could as I do that if he was still alive we'd have some good movies from him. Well thanks and God Bless...thanks John for it all!!

Diana B Wed, 9 Jan '08
I feel sad that we lost such a talented loveable actor. Uncle Buck is probably one of my favorite movies. How could you not love that guy! I know he has been gone for many years, but I still wonder what else he could have accomplished if allowed to stay. We miss you John!

Richard Sarno Wed, 9 Jan '08
My favorite comedy actor of all time. I am 49 years old, have seen 1,000s of films. There was and still is a huge void in the comedy genre after his death. John oozed every man, humility, kindness, and truth. And he seemed to play comedy with an easiness you seldom see. I watch his films over and over, thanks to the advent of DVD. He's sorely missed. My best to his family. God bless the Candy Man. P.S. Hollywood should've have done a special television tribute to this one-of-a-kind human being/actor...

Brenda Tue, 8 Jan '08
I am a fan who believes the world was a funnier place because of him. He made some great movies and you could not help but love his characters. I hope he was in "real life" the wonderful man I always imagined he was. He is one of my all-time favorite actors.

mark preston rosenberg.tx Mon, 7 Jan '08
hey john,take care in heaven

Joshua C. Mon, 7 Jan '08
John's movies will always have a special place in my heart. He did everything with such grace and his characters are so loveable . . . Dale Putley and Buck Russell. I bet his cookouts were the closest thing to reality that Hollywood has ever encountered. Thanks for all the great things that you left for us, John.

aaron humphries Mon, 7 Jan '08
we miss ya john! thnx 4 the happy times you have given us all through your films. ps.uncle buck rocks peace be with you xx

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