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Cole M. Thu, 28 Feb '08
One of the greatest comedians of all time!

A true legend!

Dave Varin Wed, 27 Feb '08
the world just isn`t the same without the big man here.uncle buck is just a joy to watch everytime it airs...we miss you big fella

Rich Sarno Mon, 25 Feb '08
I agree with a fellow guestbook signer, when the film frame freezes at film's end of Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck, I lose it, my wife loses it. My whole family loves this guy and my 10 year old son has been on a self-induced Uncle Buck marathon this past week. I think seeing this man onscreen, how he carries himself and the way his characters treat others, is how we would like to be treated. He has a genuine warmth, kindness, and humility people gravitate to. There is so little of it in daily life, when you see him in a film we are reminded this is the way we're supposed to be, that kindness doesn't cost a dime, only your time. Very few actors in the history of film-making evoke humor, happiness and pathos as John Candy did. It's no coincidence John appeared in more of Writer/Producer/ Director, John Hughes' films than any other actor.

Hughes saw the light in John, an every man quality inside John, and thank God Hughes did, because we have the benefit of these wonderful films to view over and over. I miss this man, and actor very much, he should be planning for his next film right now. His infectious smile and a heart the size of Texas I miss most of all. It's nice to know I'm not on an island, there are others like me who watch his films again and again. When I look at JC, I see someone who is so much more than just another actor spewing lines onscreen. What I love and enjoy most about John Candy and from watching his films can be summed-up best by John himself: "Cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get."

God Bless You, John and Your Family, too.

Will Sat, 23 Feb '08
I grew up with his films and will always remember him as a warm and genuine man. Thanks John!

Sue from Atlanta Sat, 23 Feb '08
What a real treasure John was!!

White Steel Thu, 21 Feb '08
Quote from Carl Riener sums up our big guy,"when you think about walking often you trip up, just doing it you wont,John had the same way with comedy it just flowed out,as with JFK,i will always remember where I was the day John Candy died.Regards from UK.

Beth Mon, 18 Feb '08
Miss him every time we turn on a movie of his. He could have done so much more...but his legend lives on. There's nothing like a good John Candy movie to make you feel warm and cozy. Je n'oubliez pas.

Richard E.Evans Sun, 17 Feb '08
John Candy is my all time favorite Actor,he was the best.I would like to know where i could order all his films on DVD's my e-mail is: Thank you feb.17, 08

Quinn Crossley Fri, 15 Feb '08
Great Site in tribute of a great man!

francisco D. Thu, 14 Feb '08
my ENTIRE family is a super john candy fan.. we are soo 80's so he's always apart of us....

francisco D. Thu, 14 Feb '08
it is soo sad that were in the year 2008 and we cant make movies with john (he would fit right in) it still hurts even after 14 years.. may he rest in peace....

sylvain theoret Thu, 14 Feb '08
r.i.p. je ne t oublierai jamais! montreal,canada

Robert From Ontario Canada Thu, 14 Feb '08
A Great Site Dedicated to a Great Canuck. We miss John Candy Eh!. But thanks to this great site it helps to keep his memory alive. That and when you press the play button and he makes you laugh!. Hard to beleve its been almost 14 years since his passing. Anyways keep up the good work and I like the Canadian Maple leaf beside every bookmark I think its a cool way to give tribute to a Canadian Hero!.

Paul M from the UK Fri, 8 Feb '08
I just like to say just finished watching Planes,trains and automobiles it makes me smile all the way. Why do all the good ones go first!

Frosty Thu, 7 Feb '08
I watched The Great Outdoors like 2 times last, which is no diff. I have watched it about every night b4 bed like the past 2 yrs. now. Makes me sleep good-Thanks John.

David Di Troia Thu, 7 Feb '08
Thanx very much for this great site. John Candy was a legend, I loved all of his movies, especially Summer Rental, PT&A,Uncle Buck, etc. Keep up the good work.

Arnont Noinasang Wed, 6 Feb '08
Goodbye John Candy.
I still keep you in my mind and remember forever.

Jennifer Tue, 5 Feb '08
My most favorite comedic actor of all time... Thanks for making me know what its like to laugh till I hurt John...

chatty kathy doll Tue, 5 Feb '08
I cant believe people LOVE him as much as me! Thank you for making a place for fans to come and treasure his memory. When I think of him, it's like thinking of family. I cant wait to be a PART OF THIS!!!

Katrina Sun, 3 Feb '08
He is still one of my favorite comedians. My family and I just finished watching "The Great Outdoors" again. His laugh alone makes me laugh. I truely miss him. I'm just so glad that we have films of him so that I can watch him every chance I get.

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