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Annamae Sat, 12 Apr '08
This is a wonderful website for John Candy fans. I have watched his films from inside and out and this website can show all the details you need to know about this wonderful man.

Justin Fri, 11 Apr '08
My first memory of John Candy was in Armed and Dangerous...what a classic. Eugene Levy too!

Cheryl Wed, 9 Apr '08
I was a kid in the 80's when my own father watched all of the great John Candy movies. I love Summer Rental, Uncle Buck, and The Great Outdoors the most. Those movies remind me of my father, a big yet soft spoken man, the loveable loser if you will. I miss John Candy so much as an actor, I miss seeing him on the screen. He was SOOO funny and so talented. It is a shame that he left us so early. He is one of my all-time favorite actors. God Bless his family.

Barbi Mon, 7 Apr '08
I have always loved any movie that starred or was cameo'ed by John Candy. a few of my top fave movies of all time: Planes/Trains/Autos, Uncle Buck, Great Outdoors. His legacy will live on, even if we cannot see him today.

Jim Dandy Mon, 7 Apr '08
John Candy is one of the all-time greats. Just watched Uncle Buck again tonight and I'll never get enough. We miss you, John!

dave in frankfort illinois Sun, 6 Apr '08
john candy by far was the best no one will ever come close

Sean n Arizona Sun, 6 Apr '08
John Candys movies make me feel good about myself. I think I will go watch one right now. Uncle Buck, Only The Lonely! Trains Planes Automobiles.

DC Fri, 4 Apr '08
Every once in awhile when I find something that makes my heart feel good and I smile or there is a funny heartwarming moment in a movie, I remember John Candy ... and I hope his family are well. Please tell them I am grateful that John made movies so we have his smile, his heart and his humor with us always. Geez, every time I look in the mirror & its a bad hair day or something I hear his voice, at the principals office, & I giggle, Thank you John Candy... :)

Byron and Patti Tue, 1 Apr '08
We love all movies graced with the appearance of John Candy and his great talent They bring us much joy. May God bless him and his family.He is a fine man and so funny. WE LOVE HIM.


iona Mon, 31 Mar '08
Cheers to John Candy, the funniest actor ever. His films are great legacies of his work, timeless classics to me are Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Who's Harry Crumb. My husband and young son laugh and laugh each time we watch them. Thank you for making us happy.

maxwell19596 Mon, 31 Mar '08
I just got the Uncle Buck DVD and at the end when he goes to leave the family they freeze frame on him waiving goodbye, and a tear came to my eye. I can't believe after all this time that I still react the way I do to him leaving us. Whats up with John Hughs, his DVD releases have no extras, and he said there is a three hour version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Well Dammit I want to see it! Can't someone do something about this!

Francis UK Sun, 30 Mar '08
What a great bloke he was. I love everything I see him in. Can't believe he's been gone so long. His films live on.

gav in london Sat, 29 Mar '08
what a great man,just watched whos harry crumb on tv and it brought back some good memories,loved his films,rip,jc

Narelle Sat, 29 Mar '08
I am so glad there is a website dedicated to John Candy. We have been watching his great performance on Uncle Buck over the past couple of days on TV1. When I checked the internet about when he died I was shocked to see it was in 1994! It does not seem that long ago - that was just before my first child was born. Anyway, I will continue to check out the site and show my kids what a great entertainer John Candy was...

Johnathan in St. Louis Fri, 28 Mar '08
Mr. Candy left behind a legacy of great films that, to this day, no one has been able to top. I keep his memory alive every time I watch the great outdoors on my family's annual camping trip. It just wouldn't be a week of fishing without that film.

bec Fri, 28 Mar '08
i love the movies john was in even if it was for one sceen he was great n is truly missed love ya xxx

Bob J Thu, 27 Mar '08
John Candy has left us with a lifetime of memories which will entertain future fans who will forever preserve his theatrical contributions.

lisa Thu, 27 Mar '08
John was a very funny man and we miss him very much. He was a true comic genius.

Cody Graves Thu, 27 Mar '08
To John Candy's children. Your Father was a great comedian and the cool thing about that is his memory lives on forever through the films he has done. I will always remain a fan of him.

Cormac Wed, 26 Mar '08
Very funny man, will always watch anything he is in. Comedys loss is heavens gain. His warmth always shines through every performance.

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