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Paul Tue, 18 Mar '08
It is a rare thing to find such a fine and greatly admired comedy actor nowadays. He was a genius and every time I watch his films it makes me feel warm inside. Whenever your feeling low .... watch a John Candy film ... makes me laugh till I cry and makes me feel so much better ... not many other actors can make that kind of impact. Will be forever remembered.

gemma Tue, 18 Mar '08
great site keep it up. one of my favourite actors.hes missed greatly

jane Sun, 16 Mar '08
i love john candy.A unique and genuinely funny man who was obviously a comic genius and who came across as very sincere.

noer Sat, 15 Mar '08
Where are videos of Camp Candy? As a child, I watched it every saturday morning for a good while. May God bless his children and family, and I will enjoy my all of my childhood memories with Mr. John Candy.

John Brown Thu, 13 Mar '08
I watched "Uncle Buck" for the first time since 1989 last week. I forgot how believable and funny John Candy was. I really miss John Candy. I think he was one of my very favorites.
Good interview.
John Brown

Chris Fulmer Thu, 13 Mar '08
In college I attended a lecture on acting by Elaine Bromka (cindy Russell); afterwards I asked what it was like working with him, and she said he was the sweetest, nicest man she'd ever met.

robyn Thu, 13 Mar '08
John Candy was a comic genius.

Pete Morris Wed, 12 Mar '08
I can't believe it's been 14 years.
My 13 year old is just starting to watch his movies and he makes him laugh too.
Just goes to prove that his comedy is timeless.
I miss him very much.

Cap Mon, 10 Mar '08
The John Candy Cementary video was a great idea, also a good work. So i was able to visit his last place. Thanks alot.

Anon Mon, 10 Mar '08
My ass has griddle marks on it! (from Planes, Trains & Automobiles). Thank you John!

retailmom Sat, 8 Mar '08
I was almost a graduate in high school when I heard one of my favorite actors had died. I cried all evening. I have never cried over the death of an actor before or since that day. Rest in peace, John.

Dee Sat, 8 Mar '08
I love John Candy films, he makes me laugh - still

Fredrik Bodin , Sweden Sat, 8 Mar '08
nice see theres a website for the greatest actor in my opinion!.First movie i seen here in sweden, uncle buck was the reason for keeping my interests up for John Candy.Every other movie i seen with him has been stunning.The way he could act is really in a personal kind of way, that i think no actor today can match at all.He were funny in a natural way!.

Mac Sat, 8 Mar '08
What a talented and funny man... A great loss for mankind!

Jollysand Fri, 7 Mar '08
Hey John- Where ever you are -Thanks for the joy you brought to us. My favorite movie is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The movie never ages and my laughter never stops when I watch it. You left us way too soon. I still appreciate your talent all these years later. Soar high John!! You deserve it.

Mike Fachman Fri, 7 Mar '08
One of the true comic greats!I have seen Summer Rental like 100 times and it never gets old! "Hey, that guy looks like John Madden."

Clint & Corey Rush Fri, 7 Mar '08
We will never forget John driving with his crutch in Planes, Trains and Automobiles. "We almost hit a deer." Absolute classic! What a talent!

Philip Coffey Thu, 6 Mar '08
This is the best dedication site ever. Well done to all involved. God bless the great John Candy. I'm his biggest Irish fan.

Gaz Wed, 5 Mar '08
Thanks for all the laughs John RIP mate & keep on laughing

Shelley Turmel Wed, 5 Mar '08
John Candy was and still is a great joy in my life! I am only 30 years old and LOVE him and his great comedic works. I am really sad he's gone he was a great man, and he lives on through his numerous movies. So on that note I will grab a bag of popcorn and go watch one of my favourites....Trains, Planes and Automobiles! Miss you dearly John!

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