Site History
A history log of, just so we can keep track of when things were added to the site.
Tue, 14 Aug '07 Added a new video clip; From the movie Heavy Metal, the scene where the boy, voice by John Candy, finds the orb and is transported to another dimension.
Mon, 13 Aug '07 Added a new John Candy video clip from the movie JFK. Added 2 new SCTV video clips; The show intro and the High Q quiz sketch.
Tue, 7 Aug '07 Added a new video from the movie 'Only the Lonely'; The scene where John Candy tries to hide his girlfriend from his mother, after she stayed overnight.
Mon, 6 Aug '07 Added a new Cool Runnings video clip; John Candy confronts the board of the International Alliance of Winter Sports.
Sun, 5 Aug '07 Added 2 new videos from the movie Armed and Dangerous; The fishing scene and the dressed in drag scene. Added the 'making-of' featurette for the movie Splash. Added an interview with John's daughter. Added lots of new photos contributed by "johncandyfan".
Sat, 4 Aug '07 Added more photos; Some in the General, Autographs and Posed photos section.
Thu, 2 Aug '07 Added a new video; The original theatre trailer for Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
Tue, 31 Jul '07 Added 2 more video clips; Scene from National Lampoon's Vacation and the alleged 'John Candy' scene from Hercules in New York.
Mon, 30 Jul '07 Added 2 new videos; 'Comic Spirit' from the Spaceballs DVD and and the poker playing scene from 'Stripes'.
Mon, 23 Jul '07 goes live! Site contains a few photos, a few videos, registration functionality, user contribution functionality, site history log and guestbook.
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