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A history log of, just so we can keep track of when things were added to the site.
Sun, 30 Sep '07 Added a forum to the site so John Candy fans can discuss John Candy and other topics! This is currently a beta test version of the forum, we will be fixing any problems as we find them and also adding new functionality as required or suggested!
Sun, 23 Sep '07 Added a new video clip; The famous mud-wrestling scene from the movie 'Stripes'. Also add a SCTV video clip; The Johhny LaRue clip from a SCTV Christmas special.
Fri, 21 Sep '07 Added two clips from 'The Clown Murders', a very early John Candy movie; The scene where the guys organise the kidnapping and the scene in the kitchen. Also added John Candy's cameo appearance in 'Career Opportunities'.
Thu, 20 Sep '07 Added W5 TV's 1985 interview with John Candy. This can be found in the 'TV Appearances' video section.
Sat, 15 Sep '07 Added a video clip of John Candy's and Eugene Levy's performance at the 1986 Comic Relief as The Schmenge Brothers, the video clip can be found in the 'TV Appearances' section. Added a video clip from 'Delirious'; Where John Candy dances with Emma Samms.
Wed, 12 Sep '07 Added a John Candy Canadian TV Appearance clip to the video section. He can also be seen signing an autograph for a fan in the video clip.
Mon, 10 Sep '07 On a recent visit to the U.S. we stopped off at Culver City, California (just outside Los Angeles) and paid our respects to John Candy at his resting place at the Holy Cross Cemetery and Mortuary. A video of this has been added to the site.
Sun, 19 Aug '07 Added a new SCTV video clip; "Leave it to Beaver". Added a new clip from the movie Splash, where John Candy, Tom Hanks and Eugene Levy try to rescue Daryl Hannah from the research lab. Added a new video clip from the movie Wagons East.
Thu, 16 Aug '07 Added "We'll be right back" from The Second City's radio interview with Jennifer Candy. It's in the video section of the site as we don't have an audio section at present!
Wed, 15 Aug '07 Added another clip from the movie Heavy Metal; John Candy provides the voice for a robot. Also added a John Candy SCTV sketch, "The Millionaire".
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