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A history log of, just so we can keep track of when things were added to the site.
Fri, 14 Mar '08 Added a new interview video clip; "Later with Bob Costas" interviews John Candy back in 1989, just as Uncle Buck was being released.
Sun, 2 Mar '08 Added a couple of new video clips; John Candy, performing as the lovely "Divine", in a clip from SCTV's Christmas special; "That's Life's" interview John Candy relaxing at his home (This interview is from the "SCTV: Volume 3" DVD)
Tue, 26 Feb '08 Added a new video clip; John Candy's cameo appearance in The Traveling Wilburys' "Wilbury Twist" music video. The quality is not very good. If you've got a better quality version of this music video then please contribute it to!
Mon, 18 Feb '08 Added a great new video clip; Mike Randall of Eyewitness news interviews John Candy at a hair salon. This clip can be found in the 'TV Appearances, Interviews, etc' section.
Sun, 17 Feb '08 Added a new video clip from the movie 'Kavic, the wolf dog'; The scene where Pinky (John Candy) watches Kavic fighting other dogs.
Sat, 16 Feb '08 Added 2 new video clips from the movie The Silent Partner, an early John Candy movie role; The scene at the Christmas party; The scene where Simonsen (John Candy) gets married to Louise.
Sat, 2 Feb '08 Added a couple of new video clips; From the movie 1941, the scene where John Candy, who plays Private Foley, removes another Private from the barracks using white paint; Also the Sesame Street song 'Put down the Duckie', where John Candy sings some lines of the song as Yosh Schmenge, along with other celebrities.
Tue, 29 Jan '08 Added a new video clip from the movie 'It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time'; The scene where Kopek (John Candy) stops Moriarty (Isaac Hayes) from smashing the place up.
Sat, 19 Jan '08 Added a new video; The scene from Brewster's Millions where Montgomery Brewster (Richard Pryor) and Spike Nolan (John Candy) make their court appearance.
Mon, 7 Jan '08 Added 2 new video clips from the movie/documentary "It Came from Hollywood", John Candy presents "A Salute to Edward D. Wood Jr" and John Candy presents "Technical Triumphs".
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