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Jennifer Tue, 5 Feb '08
My most favorite comedic actor of all time... Thanks for making me know what its like to laugh till I hurt John...

chatty kathy doll Tue, 5 Feb '08
I cant believe people LOVE him as much as me! Thank you for making a place for fans to come and treasure his memory. When I think of him, it's like thinking of family. I cant wait to be a PART OF THIS!!!

Katrina Sun, 3 Feb '08
He is still one of my favorite comedians. My family and I just finished watching "The Great Outdoors" again. His laugh alone makes me laugh. I truely miss him. I'm just so glad that we have films of him so that I can watch him every chance I get.

Joe Rogg Sun, 3 Feb '08
Just finished watching "Uncle Buck" again. Have thoroughly enjoyed all of John's films, and will miss him for the entertainment he brought to millions of movie fans.

K C Sun, 3 Feb '08
I miss him now and always will. One of the few clean actors. Always hilarious.

Nancy Sun, 3 Feb '08
Just watching Uncle Buck and missing John and all of the incredibly funny movies he might have favorite always..what a great guy he must have been..

Warren R Morrisett Sun, 3 Feb '08
I miss JOhn. Uncle Buck lives forever. A titan of comedy forever.

Paul Tue, 29 Jan '08
John Candy an actor who can make you laugh during a movie. Also a favorite actor when it came to watching movies always cheered me up. I miss you John.

tommy jr Mon, 28 Jan '08
Last 3 years been hard ,Thanks John for making me laugh when i had nothing to laugh about .
Tommy jr

Brodie Mon, 28 Jan '08
God Bless you John Candy, you definitely have created so much laughter in our hearts.. We love you always...

Marcus and Anna Sun, 27 Jan '08
One of the best good actors out there, we want to know who john candy was as a person! What a great actor!

uncle buck Thu, 24 Jan '08
i recently watched uncle buck again.It is one of the best films i have ever watched and can watch again and again.

JOSE URESTI Mon, 21 Jan '08
i love john candy and his movies i still watch them all his my idol i was real sad when he was gone

Steven Kennedy Sun, 20 Jan '08
I have been a big fan of john candy for many years

Rob from England Sun, 20 Jan '08
J.C.Forever in our hearts and in our soul.
You the man!
Bye John.

Katie Sun, 20 Jan '08
I just got done watching Planes, Trains & Automobiles again...I laughed hard and I cried...John seemed to be able to do that in so many of his movies. Rest in Peace, John! :)

if ever in life you feel very low,watch this great man in action and your troubles for a while just pale into insignificance

Frosty Tue, 15 Jan '08
I watched Planes,Trains,& Automobiles last night-thanks for that movie John. I cried so much but tears of happiness when I saw your smile.

Bob Griffin Mon, 14 Jan '08
John Candy was the best person in canada and even long after he is gone people will be enjoying his movies for years to come. Well miss ya a lot.

Joe Hencken Sun, 13 Jan '08
John Candy was The Best. we lost a great comedian. I glad to see this fan page.
Thanks I will visit often

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