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lynn maree Sat, 8 Dec '07
it was the saddest day in show business the day the world lost J.C REST IN PEACE JOHN THE WORLD WILL NEVER FORGER U

Susan Cook Sun, 2 Dec '07
Hi my name is Susan Cook I am from Toronto and of coarse I am a John Candy fan. I was only 16 when he passed away but that day I think all Canadians felt the loss. Every time I watch one of his movies I cant help but get in a good mood, he just had a certain way about him that drew people to him. I was never lucky enough to meet him but my husband did and he said that John was just a super super down to earth person. His memory will live on forever and he will continue to keep people laughing through his movies. He will always be remembered as a great Canadian and most importantly a great person.

rob hawkins Fri, 30 Nov '07
Hi there,My name is Rob from Taunton Somerset in England.
i just want to say i have been a John Candy fan since well into the 80`s.Umm it`s a pleasure for me to know that there are many JC.Fans out there,who share the same thoughts and fondness for this great man,that unfortunatley is no longer with us.(RIP)Such a shame.
I watch fondly his films and probably like you all,have a lump in my throat when the end of Uncle Buck comes around, and the final sequence when he waves at Tia.Like i have read,that is his way of saying goodbye.
We Miss you John,so i`ll say a fond farewell to you,and your life will always be remembered.
Goo dbye.

Nolan Idlout Fri, 30 Nov '07
what type of qualities of a hero did john candy have?

Steve Fri, 30 Nov '07
Every time I watch T,P&A I laugh through the whole movie & then cry at the end. It was a comedy but John played some very heartfelt, serious scenes. Thanks for all the great memories John!

keva Mon, 26 Nov '07
Every xmas Holiday season we watch our very own
"Trains, Plains & Automobiles" and every year we just about die with laughter. God bless you John

Anne H. from Victoria Sun, 25 Nov '07
Just watched the "W5" interview..was suprised to see the "Street Beat"(SCTV). It was filmed in Devon, Alberta & I was there. It was Honour to meet the GREAT late John Candy, memory I will always cherish!

Michael Sun, 25 Nov '07
Good actor

Kevin Sun, 25 Nov '07
One of my Favorite actors, its a shame he dies so young.

great site

Jon C Sat, 24 Nov '07
Thank you for this fine site

Nancy Thu, 22 Nov '07
John Candy rocked!!!

martin Wed, 21 Nov '07
what a funny dude! saw Uncle Buck, that is one of those movies that will get bigger and better every year. By the time I am a parent/grandpare nt it will be a household classic, which it already is to me.

jOHN Candy jr Mon, 19 Nov '07
He truly is great and now we have a site we can log on to whenever we want to remember him. Please keep up the goodwork.

SHERRY RILEY Mon, 19 Nov '07

Bart Manzella Mon, 19 Nov '07
He was a terrific actor and I miss him.

Hal Thu, 15 Nov '07
Without a doubt...Candy was a hero, keep up the good work. You're awesome man and i'm not just saying that.

Plutarkian dude Wed, 14 Nov '07
John Candy was a god. WE LOVE HIM. More candy action.

J.C.K.J Tue, 13 Nov '07
Candy is/was a comedic god. No matter what he did he would always do something even better. That's the magic of john candy, and now there's a site that truly shows how great he is.

robert lucan Sun, 11 Nov '07
being a true canadian, i truly loved following all of john's movies. stilled missed. john was one of a

Jr Sun, 11 Nov '07
This guy is a legend dude, this site truly represents what made this man so great. He's great. R.I.P Candy, we LOVE YOU!

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