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Dj T Fri, 27 Jul '07
Cool runnings, legend. full stop.

Jack Thu, 26 Jul '07
Thanks for putting the E Hollywood true story video on your web-site, I didnt realize how big a fan I was until I saw it. Thanks

marc Thu, 26 Jul '07
John Candy was a great actor, every time I saw him on TV or see a picture of him he never failed to bring a smile to my face, and he still has not failed to this very day. When ever I see him on a film and the film ends, I find it quite upseting to know that this great man is no longer with us.

R.I.P John Candy

Guge75 Wed, 25 Jul '07
I just want to say that I LOVE THIS MAN. He made you feel as though you knew him threw his films. I almost cried when I heard of this tragedy. I still think of him frequently and Deem him my favorite actor. LUV YA JOHN.

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