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Frosty L. Argo Thu, 10 Jan '08
I would also like to say I own every movie he was in and even other stuff he was in. I agree with Teri..everytime the endin on Uncle Buck where he smiles and waves, I just I lose it, he was such a wonderful actor and I'm sure he was one of the finest you'd ever meet. Thanks John, we miss ya and will always love ya!

Frosty L. Argo Thu, 10 Jan '08
I would just like to take this time and thank you for makin this site. John Candy is the best. I miss seein him in movies cause you know as could as I do that if he was still alive we'd have some good movies from him. Well thanks and God Bless...thanks John for it all!!

Diana B Wed, 9 Jan '08
I feel sad that we lost such a talented loveable actor. Uncle Buck is probably one of my favorite movies. How could you not love that guy! I know he has been gone for many years, but I still wonder what else he could have accomplished if allowed to stay. We miss you John!

Richard Sarno Wed, 9 Jan '08
My favorite comedy actor of all time. I am 49 years old, have seen 1,000s of films. There was and still is a huge void in the comedy genre after his death. John oozed every man, humility, kindness, and truth. And he seemed to play comedy with an easiness you seldom see. I watch his films over and over, thanks to the advent of DVD. He's sorely missed. My best to his family. God bless the Candy Man. P.S. Hollywood should've have done a special television tribute to this one-of-a-kind human being/actor...

Brenda Tue, 8 Jan '08
I am a fan who believes the world was a funnier place because of him. He made some great movies and you could not help but love his characters. I hope he was in "real life" the wonderful man I always imagined he was. He is one of my all-time favorite actors.

mark preston rosenberg.tx Mon, 7 Jan '08
hey john,take care in heaven

Joshua C. Mon, 7 Jan '08
John's movies will always have a special place in my heart. He did everything with such grace and his characters are so loveable . . . Dale Putley and Buck Russell. I bet his cookouts were the closest thing to reality that Hollywood has ever encountered. Thanks for all the great things that you left for us, John.

aaron humphries Mon, 7 Jan '08
we miss ya john! thnx 4 the happy times you have given us all through your films. ps.uncle buck rocks peace be with you xx

Bryan Sun, 6 Jan '08
John Candy was simply an amazing comedian. Its so unfortunate that we couldn't have had him with us longer. He is a definite favorite and will be missed. Thank you John for your contributions to the world.

Teri Wallis Fri, 4 Jan '08
I love John Candy, he was a great actor and comedian. My favorite movie of his was Uncle Buck. the ending always makes me cry when he waves and smiles. It doesnt matter how many times I watch, that part always gets me. I cant believe he's gone. When I heard the news I had to stop what I was doin and cry. He will be missed.

m,j Tue, 1 Jan '08
The day John Candy died i had a real bad day at work. I had the radio on in the car as I was driving home. The announcer was talking about John candy in the past tense. I thought to myself why is he talking about John in the past tense. Then I realized he had past on. I had to pull over and have a good cry. i have a lot of john's movies and he continues to make me laugh after all these years. John Candy is definitely one yeck of a legend

vpotavodz Sun, 30 Dec '07
I'm a big fan of John's.Rest in peace uncle Buck

Chris and Blair Sat, 29 Dec '07
Just want to thank you for making us laugh. we are watching Harry Crumb right now DEC.29/07 u live on in our hearts.

Patrick from Canada Thu, 27 Dec '07
I can still find myself for instance in the shower and all of a sudden one of John's scenes will pop into my head and I'll start laughing.

huebner Wed, 26 Dec '07
for me by far his best movie was -planes,trains,& was really funny, but at the same time you felt sorry for him.he was a great actor that did not get enough recognition for his films.he will always be a favorite of mine.i'll miss him forever. r.i.p. john. god truly got a great man.

Philipp from Bochum,Germany Mon, 24 Dec '07
I just wanted to say that John Candy always was and will always be one of the greatest ! Big man, big actor, big heart ! Greetings to all his Fans around the world

Debbie from Maine Sun, 23 Dec '07
I've always said that if I could have met one celebrity it would have been John Candy. I wish he had been in my family. I imagine him bursting through the door on Thanksgiving with a big grin and all the children running to him to get a hug.

Earl Sat, 22 Dec '07
John will never be forgotten Was 1 of the Best. We miss you dearly. God Bless

David F. Sat, 22 Dec '07
I'm poking around on the Internet today and watching TV, and just watched "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles." I'll never forget watching the video of the movie a few days after John died, and I sobbed at the end when he walks in to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Pages. John starred in some of the best comedies ever, and would have been in more had he not left us too soon. But the great thing is, we can always watch one of those classics and he's still the funny man we all love.

Thanks for giving John Candy this place on the web, and for giving us fans a chance to contribute.

Geoff Thu, 20 Dec '07
I still miss you. You will always be my idol.

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