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jOHN Candy jr Mon, 19 Nov '07
He truly is great and now we have a site we can log on to whenever we want to remember him. Please keep up the goodwork.

SHERRY RILEY Mon, 19 Nov '07

Bart Manzella Mon, 19 Nov '07
He was a terrific actor and I miss him.

Hal Thu, 15 Nov '07
Without a doubt...Candy was a hero, keep up the good work. You're awesome man and i'm not just saying that.

Plutarkian dude Wed, 14 Nov '07
John Candy was a god. WE LOVE HIM. More candy action.

J.C.K.J Tue, 13 Nov '07
Candy is/was a comedic god. No matter what he did he would always do something even better. That's the magic of john candy, and now there's a site that truly shows how great he is.

robert lucan Sun, 11 Nov '07
being a true canadian, i truly loved following all of john's movies. stilled missed. john was one of a

Jr Sun, 11 Nov '07
This guy is a legend dude, this site truly represents what made this man so great. He's great. R.I.P Candy, we LOVE YOU!

pavel, slovakia Thu, 8 Nov '07
I really admire his work and always watch his films with pleasure. ...GREAT actor...

Jay Thu, 8 Nov '07
I cannot believe it has been that Mr. Candy has passed. He was truly a legend in his field, movies like: Vacation, Uncle Buck, Stripes, Trains, Planes & automobiles would not been what they were without John. I truly miss him and his work! He was a one of a kind.

Bob Mckenzie Tue, 6 Nov '07
He was a fellow Canuck. Good friend, eh. Pitty he died..that poor hoser.

Mike Tue, 6 Nov '07
Great to see your site.
I knew John best in our youth, we went to highschool together at Niel MacNiel and that was back in the early 60's i miss my good friend .Thank you all for keeping his memory & great talent fresh for all and a new generation.I have many fond memories and I miss his smile & laughter., he had a heart as big as his size.
Mike mjciceman@rogers .com

AC Sun, 4 Nov '07
JC is da bomb. Loved all his work,this site really is wonderful. Keep up the good work.

Britt, Denmark. Sun, 4 Nov '07
I love John Candy.
And I love that there`s such a great fan side on the web about him...;) I really miss Uncle Buck..

Vinx Sun, 4 Nov '07
J.C is a true hero to us all without him...we would have never had Uncle Buck or Del or even Barf. We were blessed with him and his many masterpieces.

Jen Sun, 4 Nov '07
Candy was the best!!

Ace Sun, 28 Oct '07
Amen to that.

mfrosty Sun, 28 Oct '07
When they talk about some of the greatest actors of all times you never hear john's name come up. I am not sure why because I always found him to be up there with the best of them. After his death I felt not enough was done to honer this great man and his achievements. There are only about a hand full of big actors who was able to pull off a leading man roll and john was one of them. His acting brought much joy to my life and still does in watching his movies. I only wish I would have been able to shake the man's hand and tell him what joy I thought he brought to the world. My best wishes goes out to his family because John Candy was a Hell of a Man! Sadly missed by mike of Saginaw Michigan USA.

jones/ky Sat, 27 Oct '07
i love to watch the master of comedy at work in his movies to pick a favorite that would be hard to do i think all his movies are great he will always be alive in his movies you were truely a great actor and will always be missed

Lexx JC Fan Fri, 26 Oct '07
All i can say is comedy legend.My all time number one film is "Only the Lonely" a normal guy and an actor that made me laugh and cry and he will never be forgotten.Never. Thank you john.

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