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Lana Philp Mon, 10 Sep '07
John Candy was my favorite comedian and I miss him very much.My favorite movie was uncle buck.

Craig Thu, 30 Aug '07
I am currently studying at Second City in Toronto, the first day I went in, there was a lifesized photo of John Candy on the wall of studio 1- I was blown away just being there..he is a legend who has inspired many -including myself!

maxi Tue, 28 Aug '07
A la distancia lo recuerdo bien, la pelicula que mas me gusto, de las que vi, fue mejor solo que mal acompanado, gran labor de los dos protagonistas. Porque se fue de este mundo tenia muchas mas cosas por hacer

Dennis J. Ensminger Sat, 25 Aug '07
The movie: Trains, Planes & Automobiles always manages to stir memories for me. I live close to NYC and have been to Chicago and Wichita several dozen times. The scenes at Lampert Field (STL) just blows me away. Then as now, John Candy was a true classic. He will always hold a special place next to my DVD player

Wesley Compton Fri, 24 Aug '07
Just visited the Holy Cross cemetary. It took me three hours to find his stone. Although it was the best three hours ever spent. I had to pay tribute that brought this earth great art.

johncandyfans Mon, 20 Aug '07
Jeff Moehr here from Arizona. I was hoping to get to use the user name "Johncandyfan" since I use it on every site I join, but it was taken :(

Rick H. Sun, 19 Aug '07
And what a hoser, eh?

Rick H. Sun, 19 Aug '07
God, what a loss! It seems just like yesterday.

Peter Leggatt Thu, 16 Aug '07
There are only a few stars that when I think of that have passed away, I get a little choked.
Mr Candy is one of them!

CJ Sat, 11 Aug '07
I was watching "Stripes" today and was reminded, once again how much I missed John. He was so funny as Dewey. I forgot that I really loved this movie and it brought back memories of going to the theater instead of going to the store and renting. How impersonal!! Thanks for the memories!! CJ

ggekko12 Thu, 9 Aug '07
miss you John!

robert erives Wed, 8 Aug '07
john candy was a great comedic actor and a great man, he left a positive mark on the world.

DuckerDucker Tue, 7 Aug '07
By the way, a great site with lots of potential. Keep up the good work! I shall see what i can do about making contributions. Thanks for the chance to see such great memories of the big guy.

DuckerDucker Tue, 7 Aug '07
Whenever i am down i always have a little bit of Candytime. It never fails to cheer me up. The big guy was made of pure sunshine. I will never believe that John is no longer with us as he has left us with such a legacy. He lives on through his work. Thanks for the memories J.C - Karl from London.

Lisa Wypyszinski Mon, 6 Aug '07
Miss you, John Candy. Big fan.

Dj T Fri, 27 Jul '07
Cool runnings, legend. full stop.

Jack Thu, 26 Jul '07
Thanks for putting the E Hollywood true story video on your web-site, I didnt realize how big a fan I was until I saw it. Thanks

marc Thu, 26 Jul '07
John Candy was a great actor, every time I saw him on TV or see a picture of him he never failed to bring a smile to my face, and he still has not failed to this very day. When ever I see him on a film and the film ends, I find it quite upseting to know that this great man is no longer with us.

R.I.P John Candy

Guge75 Wed, 25 Jul '07
I just want to say that I LOVE THIS MAN. He made you feel as though you knew him threw his films. I almost cried when I heard of this tragedy. I still think of him frequently and Deem him my favorite actor. LUV YA JOHN.

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