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Michael "Sasquatch"Bass Sat, 1 Jul '23
I remember,back in the eighties,I was at a steak house in Glendale,CA named"Damon's.R eally cool place it had a"Polynesian"vi be of I remember correctly.I was just a kid,but I look across the restaurant and I see him sitting in a horseshoe booth with a striking brunette having dinner,I never knew if it was him or not.My mom said it would be very rude to approach him at dinner for an autograph,so I was never 100% sure it was him.If you know him or knew him at that period, maybe he had mentioned this place.I hope that it wasn't someone he had on the side??

Nick Gabeler Thu, 29 Jun '23
He is an American Idol and a really great man! Gone too soon…..
I watch his movies often!

Jhon Van Brandt Wed, 26 Apr '23
I miss him dearly my parents always called me Uncle Buck.I wish he was still here making us laugh.

@Cool.Runnings1 on instagram Fri, 21 Apr '23
I LOVE JOHN CANDY! He was great as Irv Blitzer in Cool Runnings! Was a very deep and meaningful movie and I have a pop figure of his beauty. Love him forever. RIP.

Ronald Mon, 3 Apr '23
When it came to watching movies in the 80’s, John candy was a part of that movie experience back then. Love ya miss ya John.

Dave Schwartz Thu, 9 Mar '23
One of my favorite entertainers, gone way too early.

Pepa Mon, 6 Mar '23
Miluji jeho role ve filmech... S ceským dabingem je nezapomenutelný herec.

Martin Sun, 5 Mar '23
Absolute legend. RIP John Candy! Fans on Poland

Dario Sat, 4 Mar '23
Hi John, it's been 29 years since you've been gone, but I remember you fondly, your movies have accompanied me since I was a child and today I gladly watch them again with my children! A hug wherever you are! Dario from Italy

erik price Tue, 28 Feb '23
thanks for the memories John

Christian and Caleb Fri, 24 Feb '23
I loved John Candy when he was playing Irving "Irv" Blitzer in the hit classic released in the UK on February 25th 1994 and he lived a wonderful career and is a true hero and an inspiration to us all.

Sara Lynn Thu, 2 Feb '23
Wrote this shortly after he passed:

He was a wonderful man,
a generous man,
a hilarious man
with a zest for life,
and a brilliant career
yet his future on earth
was swept away too soon

He has earned a place in heaven
for all his hardships
and all of his work
yet he made the most
with his friends and family
but all of his happiness
and all of his joy
were swept away too soon

We must now forget the past
and we must get on with life
and its ups, downs, and sidewayses
yet we must always remeber
this genuine person
simce memories are all we now have
because his great life
was swept away too soon

Terry Thu, 29 Dec '22
Mr candy god bless you x from your fans in the UK

Candy Fan Sat, 26 Nov '22
I just read that John Candy has no star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Please start a Go Fund Me and ask for at least 1 dollar from Candy Fans with goal of 55 thousand for that star…

Bigfella601 Sat, 26 Nov '22
Hi John Happy Thanksgiving.
G o ahead, sleep in the lobby, see if I care, I hope you wake up so stiff you can’t even move!!!!!!!
Lo ve ya John.

Tony Collins Fri, 25 Nov '22
Still one of my favorite actors.

Bob Smith 46219 Wed, 23 Nov '22
Still enjoy his movies and I always try and pass along his work to those who need some comfort while dealing with stress and discomfort.

Craig Mon, 21 Nov '22
John Candy was a great actor as well as a great person I'm sure.He personified your regular everyday man.That's what I think made him so great.He didn't try to be anybody else,he just was himself.It's a tragedy that we lost him so young.He is sorely missed.The world needs more people like him.

Pete Fri, 11 Nov '22
Absolute legend. RIP John Candy!

Can't remember the last time I saw a website with a guestbook.

shy Mon, 31 Oct '22
Happy birthday John! Love and admiration forever and ever! John Candy forever! Yay! <3

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