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Anita J Fri, 12 Feb '21
I thought I remembered a video clip of Catherine Ohara saying the nicest thing to John Candy's mom at the funeral. I can't find it anywhere. I would love to hear it again.

Jorge Carrega Mon, 25 Jan '21
Looking's clear that John Candy was the most beloved american comedian of the 1980's. An amazing talent and a true legend for the ages!

Ed Brown Fri, 22 Jan '21
One of my most favorite comedians. I miss you...

Susan Matelan King Wed, 20 Jan '21
Boy do I miss John Candy! I have seen every single one of his movies NUMEROUS times and I have always wondered what else he would’ve done in Hollywood had he not passed so early in life. He was/is a classic and there will never be another one like him. #UncleBuck #PT&A

John Tue, 29 Dec '20
I grew up with John Candy and he was a mist underrated star. John was a funny guy who brought much laughter in my life. He still does. I miss you buddy!

Chester Parker Mon, 28 Dec '20
A great actor, still sadly missed.

Karyn Donachy Sat, 26 Dec '20
John you never failed to make me laugh. Your life ended when my adult life started. Such quiet comical talent lost too soon for us kids who grew up with your films. You are dearly missed by all of our generation.Sleep in peace .

Merry Lachowiez Sat, 26 Dec '20
Always loved his work. Great man. I would read your book. He deserves it and a statue of himself for all to visit in his honor. Thank you

Jesus de España Fri, 25 Dec '20
Un grande, tardaremos muchos años en ver a alguien como él si es que lo vemos.

Nate Tue, 22 Dec '20
I can't believe that I just now found out about this website. John Candy is my favorite actor of all time. When he passed away I was heart broken. I still remember to this day waiting for the Academy Awards to come on so I could see his tribute during the "In Memoriam" and they didn't even mention his name. I still hold a grudge to this day.

Ehret Sat, 28 Nov '20
Genuine dude. Great Outdoors!

Harald and ANgelika from Germany Thu, 26 Nov '20
Today we watched again Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We do so on Thanksgiving every year. Why this? Probably because we arrived on this US holiday for the first time in the year this movie was produced. Always a great pleasue! John, it´s so unfortunate that you passed away so early! We hope That we will do so next year again.

Georgii Skorobogatov Mon, 23 Nov '20
I watched the film Uncle Buck and wanted to know how his career went, it's a pity that he passed away so early, a good actor with a very kind face

demjr74 Sat, 31 Oct '20
Happy BirthDay In Heaven ^_^

Jérémy Sun, 25 Oct '20
He was fantastic in "Cool Runnings" and I remember having seen him in "Home Alone". I just rewatched Cool Runnings... RIP John Candy!
From France!

Charles Ostertag Wed, 21 Oct '20
He was a canadian legend and my favourite actor of all time that I will sadly miss ??

Mercer101Yeeters ! Thu, 23 Jul '20
Big up Mr Candy! BDBOP BOP!!

Bigfella601 Wed, 22 Jul '20
Hi John. What the hell are you doing? I almost crushed your head like a melon!

Mylène Caron Wed, 22 Jul '20
Hello folks!

How can I describe the feeling I am getting when I think about John Candy... I get a crazy laugh every time.

He left a legacy... He smiled with his eyes in such a funny way... You couldn’t resist but wanting him to be part of your family!

Amazi ng actor, probably an amazing man, father and husband. I keep his memory in my French Canadian heart! lol

John Candy will never be forgotten, he is Comedy!

Much love to his family... xXxX

La Mara Villa Mon, 1 Jun '20
Candy, see you back again, my love. LMV ¡!!!

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