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miguel rivera Mon, 1 Nov '21
john candy. actor, comedian, father, husband, friend, and a great canadian human being. no one will bring out the momments on film, tv and events like john. out of all the greats. john is one of them.

Rhyolyn Sat, 30 Oct '21
Missing you so much and remembering you on your birthday

Justin Wed, 13 Oct '21
I grew up in the 80s in Canada and grew up watching John Candy movies with my parents. Such talent. My favorite movie is Uncle Buck but to be honest, I love every movie John was a part of. I wish I could have met him just to chat and laugh. Its weird that you can have so much love and respect for someone that you have never really met. But after doing research and finding out how wonderful John really was, it wasn't hard at all to love, miss and shed some tears for this wonderful person. Rest in peace John Candy. Much love from an appreciative forever fan.

Fran Sat, 25 Sep '21
I love John Candy and need to build my movie collection again since I had to leave what I had when I moved. I wish I could find Only the Lonely on dvd at a reasonable price. It is my favorite movie of his. Also wish I could find Best of from SCTV. He is truly missed.

Joey Sun, 12 Sep '21
I love john candy very funny

Alexandra Parker Tue, 27 Jul '21
Just watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles. One of my favourites! His Wiki site is amazing. He did a lot while he was here. Someone once said, even if the movie he was in wasn't that great, people kept coming back just to see him. One of the greats!

Thomas Paolini Mon, 26 Jul '21
Glad to see that this site is still up, and that there are people who still remember and appreciate John Candy and his work. SCTV is unmatched, and will likely remain so. Here's to John!

Garry McGovern Sat, 12 Jun '21
Just watching Steve Martin & John, what a GREAT Actor

Erich Bearup Sun, 30 May '21
Watching Summer Rental right now. Really miss John.

Darren Asprey Mon, 3 May '21
Very funny guy. We need more like him.

Clint Angelle Sun, 11 Apr '21
Loved John and his Work ??
He was a Good Man , Left Us Too Son ??

Eric Christianson Sat, 13 Mar '21
Coming up on 30 years later and still the greatest.

Ann7 Sat, 6 Mar '21
I thought I saw John on an episode of the Waltons as a demolitions expert. Could this be?

Clifford jackson Thu, 4 Mar '21
27 years ago today john candy left us. Rest In peace in eternity this very talented man

Dario from Italy Thu, 4 Mar '21
Your smile has faded for 27 years, but the laughter and fun of your films remains immortal! Hi John, you were one of my favorite actors! Dario from Italy

The big Thu, 25 Feb '21
Greta would be proud of the funny business

Rick Wentz Thu, 18 Feb '21
John was Canada's greatest export, and the world is so much better for him being in it. Own all his films, Second City performances/ski ts, his SCTV series, etc. I have been a loyal fan since the later 1970's and his legacy just gets better with each years' passing. You've left us much too early my friend, but the heavens needed another Angel.
I'm sure you are making them laugh often, just as we still do here on Earth. My favorite all-time comedian, EVER! Rest in peace my friend until we meet again!!

Mary Sun, 14 Feb '21
I never laugh so much as I have watching John in the movies. Great actor and person. Was so sad when I heard he passed away. Way too young. I noticed they use his image in commercials now, and glad they do, even if it’s very short. RIP John ????

Anita J Fri, 12 Feb '21
I thought I remembered a video clip of Catherine Ohara saying the nicest thing to John Candy's mom at the funeral. I can't find it anywhere. I would love to hear it again.

Jorge Carrega Mon, 25 Jan '21
Looking's clear that John Candy was the most beloved american comedian of the 1980's. An amazing talent and a true legend for the ages!

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